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Crown Worldwide leverages SaaS data protection for 100s of VMware virtual machines across three global data centers

Lisa Martin, Chief Marketing Consultant

The growth of applications and business technology has led to an explosion of data. To accommodate the high data growth rate, enterprises are transforming their operating models by adopting cloud-based environments as a lower-cost alternative to on-premises environments. But even as organizations are pivoting to modern data centers, data protection still remains hardware-based, complex, and costly as a result of fragmented data and the use of multiple solutions to protect and ensure compliance.

That’s the situation Crown Worldwide was in when it found the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. Crown Worldwide Group is a privately-owned global logistics company headquartered in Hong Kong with data centers in Hong Kong, London, and Sydney. It has business-critical applications running on hundreds of VMware virtual machines (VMs), plus on-premises file servers, and was relying on disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backups through Arcserve. But the process was too time-consuming, resource-intensive, and unreliable. Plus, each region controlled its own D2D2T process, a process that lacked centralized visibility and management of backups.

Protecting 100s of VMware VMs across data centers through a single pane of glass

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud protects all VMware vSphere workloads on-premises and in VMware Cloud environments through a single console and eliminates backup infrastructure dependencies and overhead. Customers can accelerate their multi-cloud journey and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50%.

For Crown Worldwide, data management is now more accessible, reliable, and takes far less effort. And there’s centralized backup visibility at the top, according to VP of IT Chris Davis-Pipe, while each data center team manages its own backups and takes action when needed.

They’re also saving money by paying for only the storage they need. In fact, Crown Worldwide has achieved an impressive 2.6x global deduplication storage savings across its three data centers. Not to mention cost avoidance of future hardware and consumables, like new tape drives, tapes, and additional disk storage.

48x faster backups with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Now, the IT team can restore data 48 times faster using Druva as compared to the Arcserve solution. And, Druva delivers the scale, security, and ease-of-use required for modern data resiliency with added benefits of cloud disaster recovery, and AI/ML data insights.

Druva’s cloud-native data protection platform eliminates infrastructure dependencies and management simplifying multi-cloud protection of VMs. It aligns well with the cloud strategy that Crown Worldwide is rolling out.

As Davis-Pipe articulated, “We didn’t want to have any new boxes that would need to be maintained and could fail. That would miss the whole point of a cloud-first strategy.” Druva delivers one resilient backup in the cloud that eliminates off site requirements and duplicate data. Additionally, integrated cloud archiving provides long-term retention that cuts storage costs by 20%.

The cloud-first strategy Crown Worldwide deployed for data protection proved essential when COVID-19 struck. “I was so relieved we switched from tapes to Druva before the pandemic,” Davis-Pipe said. “Once regional lockdowns started affecting our teams, there was no way they could have entered a physical building to swap tapes.” That’s why he considers Druva a facilitator of Crown Worldwide Group’s business continuity planning (BCP). 

Compliance with GDPR provides piece of mind

Davis-Pipe finally has confidence that the company’s data protection is compliant with legislation like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “The nature of our business means we move personally identifiable information (PII) across the globe, so protecting that data is very important to us and we need to be able to demonstrate our compliance to our clients,” Davis-Pipe said. “Having a solution like Druva in place makes it a lot easier.”

What’s next?

Read the Crown Worldwide Group case study to learn how it achieved 100% visibility of backup data with end-to-end encryption that facilitates compliance with GDPR and its BCP strategy.