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Bring Druva Cloud To Your Edge with AWS Outposts

Peter Elliman, Director of Product Marketing

Today, Druva announced that it will have capabilities to support AWS Outposts, to further improve the resilience of applications running on AWS Outposts and in traditional hybrid environments. This is important because it means Druva and Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers get a true cloud data management experience in their data center.

Every company is on a journey to the cloud, but where they are in that journey varies greatly across company sizes, geography, and industry. Performance, security / compliance and cost are key considerations that affect IT decisions about whether applications and data live on-premises or in the cloud. It should be no surprise that backup and disaster recovery, the IT services that protect critical business applications against data loss, are also subject to these considerations as customers transition applications and services to the cloud.

Druva will leverage AWS Outposts to deliver some of the best of the cloud to customers, enabling infrastructure and data protection without requiring added support or infrastructure. Druva provides protection for AWS and on-premises workloads with a seamless control plane, cloud-based platform and straight-forward pay-as-you-go pricing structure. In other words, customers get all the benefits of a fully managed cloud-native backup solution with the localized environment they require.

A bit of background – before we go forward

As a refresher, AWS first announced AWS Outposts in late 2018 to bring AWS cloud services, such as Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon EBS storage options, into customer data centers or other edge locations such as a manufacturing plant. This hybrid cloud experience provides customers with an on-premises instance of AWS to meet low latency requirements while maintaining a true cloud data management experience. Use case examples can be found in telecom, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturers (e.g., plant floor) and some of these same industries often have stringent compliance requirements.

How Druva fits into this picture

Customers want to simplify the experience and tools used to manage applications and data, wherever they live. By working with AWS, Druva will leverage AWS Outposts to deliver the Druva Cloud Platform to AWS Outposts, providing a seamless experience between on-premises and cloud. Here are three use cases to help make this more clear:

1 – Applications running on AWS Outposts

Add an additional layer of protection for traditional workloads running on AWS Outposts such as Microsoft SQL or File Servers in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), enabling customers to protect these local workloads with both backup and DR services.

Applications running on AWS Outposts

2 – Compute services running on AWS Outposts

Manage and protect Amazon EC2 instances running on AWS Outposts (via native snapshots) and recover individual files, instances or volumes or perform DR both locally or in another AWS region (via VPC Cloning).

Compute services running on AWS Outposts

3- Onsite backup cache for virtual workloads

Protect and recover on-premises workloads, not hosted on AWS Outposts, using the power and scale of Druva. In this instance, Druva provides a cache (on AWS Outposts) for both backup and recovery purposes. Just like AWS Outposts helps with low latency apps, the Druva cache helps customers meet low RTO scenario. And while Druva already offers an easy to deploy local cache for backup and recovery,support for this use case allows customers with AWS Outposts to deploy quickly and easily on infrastructure that they no longer have to manage.

Onsite backup cache for virtual workloads

Simplicity and scale are two key design principles that we bring to support for AWS Outposts. First, Druva will be able to use AWS Outposts to accelerate backup or recovery in a seamless method, delivering LAN-speed recovery for any workload protected by Druva. Similarly, Druva protects native workloads running on Amazon EC2 within AWS Outposts. Customers win with a seamless and integrated protection platform for their hybrid cloud environments.

Learn more about Druva’s partnership with AWS, or contact us for more details about how AWS Outposts and Druva can deliver a seamless cloud experience in your data center.