Bolster your Salesforce backup strategy with Druva to keep data secure, available, and compliant

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With organizations increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and moving their crucial workloads to the cloud, the proper security and backup of this data is often overlooked as many fail to realize cloud applications are just as susceptible to loss, theft, and malicious attack as data stored in the data center. 

For applications such as Salesforce, a leading SaaS CRM tool, the responsibility for administration and management of this data falls squarely on the organization’s own IT department. To adequately address Salesforce backup, protection, and governance gaps, today’s organizations need to consider the following challenges:

  • Data availability — Salesforce only covers data loss if the provider itself is at fault, leaving organizations at risk of accidental deletion, data corruption, or a malicious attack such as ransomware.
  • Legal obligations — Receiving a legal request, organizations can face serious consequences and steep fines if they fail to produce pertinent Salesforce data. Legal teams require immediate access.
  • Security and compliance requirements — Privacy laws are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Organizations need to ensure they capture, store, and secure data in compliance with new regulations.

In a complex and ever-changing data protection market, organizations must weigh their options for protecting their business-critical Salesforce investment, considering cost and flexibility among a host of other factors. Leveraging the cloud to provide a comprehensive approach to Salesforce backup and protection, Druva addresses its gaps in data protection and recoverability. A 100% SaaS data management solution, Druva provides an essential layer of cloud data protection functionality to ensure Salesforce data is always protected and available.

Regain control of your data and empower Salesforce backup with Druva

With Druva, administrators regain control over their data — ensuring that it is protected, correctly governed, and available on demand. This is accomplished through reliable, automated backup of the organization’s Salesforce data and related metadata to the Druva Cloud Platform, where it is encrypted and kept in Amazon S3 storage. Secure backup provides an “air-gap” from the local network and makes the data resistant to user error and other threats. Druva deploys quickly via Salesforce AppExchange and delivers a comprehensive approach to address obligations for data resiliency, retention, and compliance.

As a result, Druva is able to offer customers the following benefits:

  • Automated backups — Backups take place daily, or on a customizable schedule to Druva’s award-winning, AWS-based platform
  • Restoration to any point-in-time — On-demand restores keep data available in the event of a legal request, maintain all relationships, and compare between backup files without spreadsheets or scripts
  • Secure, air-gapped storage — Off-site backups protect against ransomware and threats
  • Data privacy, residency, and compliance — Flexibility maintains your organization’s compliance with regulatory requirements and protects access to sensitive information
  • Duplicate prevention — Automatic matching of Salesforce IDs avoids duplicates
  • Metadata toggling — Switching between triggers, workflows, validation rules, and required fields ensures more records can be restored at will
  • Comprehensive integration — A unified, integrated approach delivers archival, visibility, and control across cloud applications and endpoints

Next steps

While many believe Salesforce maintains native backups of their crucial data, organizations are quickly discovering that relying solely on Salesforce to safeguard their information is not an option. Druva helps some of the world’s largest organizations get the most from their investment in Salesforce by addressing the service’s gaps in data protection and recoverability. With Druva, customers are empowered to accelerate and protect cloud projects, increase cyber resilience, maintain compliance, and reduce the cost and complexity of their data protection.

As your organization evaluates its Salesforce backup strategy, we invite you to download our tip sheet for the top five factors for backing up and recovering Salesforce data, and watch the video below to hear Druva CIO/CISO Drew Daniels’ take on protecting Salesforce.