AWS multi-account onboarding with Druva CloudRanger

Akshay Panchmukh, Product Manager

SaaS-based B2B products have become the first choice for many businesses to protect their AWS workloads and accounts due to their ability to rapidly evolve and add new data protection capabilities on the AWS cloud platform. Andy Jassy, the CEO of AWS, recently announced during the re:Invent conference, that AWS has grown to over 1 million active users; this number includes only businesses and not individual accounts. This is indicative of a larger trend for single organizations to own multiple AWS accounts to manage growing business needs. As the number of total accounts increases, there can be many compliance and governance issues, such as maintaining audit trails for those hundreds of accounts. This is where Druva CloudRanger emerges as the market leader. Druva continuously tracks the future needs of the market and updates its product offerings to consistently deliver leading production for customer AWS workloads. 

Onboard in minutes, no matter the number of accounts

Onboarding AWS accounts may sound simple, but this action can be one of the most crucial stages in business development as companies require an increasing number of accounts. Onboarding even a single account is a lengthy process, and this can stretch to months if customers have a large number of accounts. This transition should be completed quickly within a few minutes, and we believe this is where SaaS products offer a distinct advantage, simplifying complex processes so businesses can focus on their primary objectives. Druva CloudRanger is proudly one of the two products in the market to offer customers the ability to add multiple AWS accounts concurrently. 

Druva CloudRanger strengthens this ability by using a simple solution and improved user experience. These advantages enable customers to centrally manage and apply policies across multiple accounts. Automatic account management processes also minimize the risk of human error and compliance violations. In addition, by accelerating these processes, CloudRanger also reduces account exposure, or time without data protection, for each account. These enhanced capabilities provide customers the confidence that accounts can onboard safely in minutes, no matter the number, and require close to zero interaction in day-to-day management. 

Druva CloudRanger — AWS account onboarding process

The process to onboard multiple AWS accounts is simple — the organization administrator copies the CloudFormation template from the CloudRanger console and creates individual AWS accounts using stacksets. The admin then launches the AWS console from CloudRanger and pastes the template in Create CloudFormation before running it. After successfully creating stacksets in AWS, users will need to synchronize the AWS account with CloudRanger to ensure all data is up to date. Email notification is delivered to users that have been successfully added by the CloudRanger organization admin. For further details, read the documentation.

Druva CloudRanger on-boarding AWS multi-accounts

Functionality improvements

Druva aims to consistently improve the user experience, and we have updated the CloudRanger console to simplify account management as customer needs scale. We are further improving the onboarding experience for users to easily identify which CloudFormation template needs to be updated, and do so quickly via the CloudRanger console. Upcoming upgrades will include the ability to verify account access with CloudRanger, and sync multiple accounts at once to enable joint actions. With this, users will access a single dashboard for all AWS accounts in their organization, and can apply advanced filters to perform actions on each respectively.

Pricing and availability

These features went live on December 17, 2020 and are available to CloudRanger customers at no additional cost. Refer to the pricing plans to learn more about available plan types, and reach out to Druva CloudRanger Support with any further questions. 

Key takeaways

With the release of multi-account onboarding, customers can now add multiple AWS accounts in the CloudRanger console at a single time. This enables customers to reduce manual effort and time investment. As an added benefit, the feature also reduces reliance on customer support and any related costs. This feature is provided to CloudRanger customers at no additional cost to their existing plan.

Customers can run CloudFormation stacksets to add multiple AWS accounts (up to thousands) in the CloudRanger console. The feature improves the UI and provides users with an all-in-one solution to manage all AWS accounts within an organization. Download the CloudRanger datasheet for more information on how to simplify the management and protection of your AWS workloads at scale.