Addressing ransomware’s relentless threat in 2021

Druva Marketing

Over the past year, enterprises experienced an unprecedented number of ransomware attacks. In fact, according to research by the Aberdeen Group, this type of cyber attack has become so frequent that more than half of all businesses have reported falling victim to at least one ransomware attack during the last 12 months — with most indicating they’ve been attacked more than once in this timeframe¹. 

More sophisticated hackers are emerging every day, seizing networks and infrastructure across vulnerable remote workforces and infrastructures. As a result, many businesses are suffering the dire consequences of its effects, resulting in a loss of time, money, and data that can never be recovered. The frequency of these attacks have made it crystal clear that we are facing an entirely new threat landscape that is far more sophisticated and destructive. 

As we enter 2021, it is apparent that no new year’s resolution can make ransomware disappear for good. Several new attacks on educational institutions and healthcare providers have already taken center stage in the news cycle. With the risk of attack lingering around every corner, the stakes of data protection and recovery against this type of cyber attack are now higher than ever.

Ransomware is here to stay, what can be done? 

With ransomware seemingly becoming an inevitable occurrence in businesses of all sizes, it is imperative that the right solutions are identified and deployed which protect and restore organizations, and their critical data assets. With data proving its weight in gold, reliable backup and recovery in the cloud is a crucial line of defense in today’s modern and diverse IT landscape.

There are several data protection solutions in the market today to help address backup and recovery, but on-premises solutions are not immune to ransomware once the data center systems are impacted. With Druva, your data is never lost and always accessible, offering built-in, air-gapped ransomware protection for all endpoints, SaaS applications, and data center workloads. Druva’s ransomware recovery solution is a cloud-based service and is founded on the industry standards with a zero-trust architecture model, providing rapid ransomware recovery while proactively detecting and responding to malicious threats. 

Industry recognized to protect the businesses of today and tomorrow

The Druva Cloud Platform offers market leading capabilities to deter and combat ransomware attacks, and it was recently recognized as a 2020 Designated Solution by the inaugural Cyber Catalyst by Marsh℠ program, designed to help businesses make more informed choices about cybersecurity products on the market today.

Through an extensive process, Druva was selected for its exceptional, best-in-class product security and received the highest rating on criteria for cyber risk reduction, flexibility, and efficiency. 90 other offerings that addressed ransomware, supply chain/vendor management, cloud migration/management, social engineering, and privacy regulation/data management were judged in the process, and the Druva Cloud Platform was one of the handful selected as a top product to mitigate the most cybersecurity risk.

While no vendor can promise to prevent ransomware attacks from occurring, Druva’s comprehensive and secure cloud data protection platform empowers security and IT teams to prevent, detect, respond, and recover in a robust and organized fashion. 

To learn more about how Druva protects business assets and limits the impact of ransomware on organizations, download our comprehensive ransomware protection guide


¹ Aberdeen, “Reducing impact of ransomware attacks via cloud-based approaches,” Brink, Derek.