Customer Story

Druva Provides Increased Security and 84% Reduction in Costs for Peraton

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Reduction in costs after switching to Druva


Reduction in storage consumption since standardizing on Druva


Hours saved per month by each administrator

About Peraton

Peraton is a national security contractor headquartered in the United States. As a leading mission capability integrator and enterprise IT provider, Peraton delivers trusted and unique solutions and technologies that keep people safe and secure. Peraton serves as a valued partner to essential United States government agencies across the intelligence, space, cyber, defense, citizen security, health, and state and local markets.

The Challenge

Druva has worked with Peraton for over five years. Peraton’s commercial software division runs its business on Linux and Unix systems, like Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX. It protected more than 125 file servers, including business-critical applications Atlassian, Jenkins, GitLab, Clearcase, and Clearquest, using local disk and tape drives. Given the Florida location was subject to natural disaster disruption, tapes were stored off-site using a third-party vendor, which became increasingly expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

“Using tapes for the offsite backup of 125-plus file servers became unmanageable,” said Jim Linn, IT project manager in Peraton’s commercial software division. “I looked at how much time my team spent managing backups and knew staying with our legacy solution didn’t make sense. We needed their talent on other crucial projects and had to modernize our data protection approach.”

The Solution

Peraton used the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud to back up hybrid workloads (e.g., file servers and VMs) in its data center. Linn conducted a proof of concept (POC) and discovered the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud was up and running and backing up file server data within an hour.

“Once we evaluated the Druva solution and saw how easy it was to use, I was sold,” Linn said. “I could tell straight away that Druva was an ideal match to back up our critical business systems.”

The resulting interface was user-friendly and made it easy to create, modify, or monitor backup policies and jobs. That’s why the team chose to migrate backups from a disk and tape approach to the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. “We cut over so quickly; the process really was that seamless,” Linn said.

Before Druva, I looked at how much time my team spent managing backups and knew staying with our legacy solution didn’t make sense.

The Results

The team found a secure way to manage and store backups and free up system engineer and administrator time without breaking the bank. Linn also appreciated the dedicated support from Druva at each step of the process. “Everyone we’ve worked with at Druva has been really good, no matter the department,” Linn said. “The three words I’d use to describe our relationship are pleasant, straightforward, and simple.”

Peraton’s commercial software division now has the cloud-native backup solution it needs to simplify and secure how it manages terabytes of mission-critical backup data from 125-plus file servers.

The solution increased workforce productivity, with each system administrator saving at least 20 hours a month on managing backups, and led to an 84% reduction in total backup costs. Druva uses a SaaS-based backup strategy to provide additional peace of mind during natural disasters. “We got an email from our organization saying we had to shut the building down and send everyone home,” Linn explained. “Instead of racing around to secure tapes like we used to, our system admin clicked a button, and all backups were successfully initiated with and completed by Druva.”


  • The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides a single solution through which IT can manage the backup and recovery of 125-plus servers, long-term retention, and archiving
  • Druva protects data on 125-plus file servers without any hardware, software, or associated complexity
  • IT eliminated time spent managing offsite backups and archiving using the cloud
  • Druva’s flexible enterprise cloud backup system includes full and incremental backup tools