SaaS-based Data Protection

The SaaS Advantage

The industry's only at-scale SaaS-based data protection solution, Druva frees you from acquiring, managing, and maintaining hardware and software - and reduces your TCO up to 50%

Legacy Data Protection Solutions Are Expensive and Can Leave Gaps in Your Coverage

Traditional data protection solutions fall short in today’s uncertain global economy. Hardware and software costs, management time, talent shortages, and supply chain disruptions can lead to an expensive solution that isn’t easy to deploy or maintain. Druva’s 100% SaaS-based solution removes hardware, software, and management overhead – and significantly reduces your costs.

Flexibility and Scale

SaaS-based data protection scales up or down automatically. Shift from CAPEX to OPEX with transparent and flexible consumption-based pricing.

Free Up Resources

Automated and always up-to-date, Druva’s SaaS-based solution just works. Anyone can backup or restore, freeing resources for more critical projects.

Faster Time to Value

Eliminate delays from capacity planning, hardware acquisition, software upgrades and patches, and more. Data protection is delivered as a service.

Drive Better Security

Enhance your cyber security posture with multi-layer protection, monitoring and threat detection, and accelerated recovery and roll-back actions.

Cost Savings

Minimize the TCO of protecting all your business-critical data by eliminating hardware, software, and management costs.

Learn the value of SaaS from tech veteran David Linthicum

SaaS Makes Data Protection Affordable, Predictable, and Consistent

By overcoming traditional data protection challenges and reducing costs across data centers, remote offices, and the cloud, Druva enables considerable cost savings.


The SaaS Advantage Series with David Linthicum

Join cloud expert David Linthicum and Druva in a webinar series exploring the SaaS Advantage.


David Linthicum

Technology Analyst

Linthicum Research / Deloitte Consulting


Steven Manley

Chief Technologist Officer


Compare Costs of Traditional Data Protection Solutions vs. SaaS

Tuesday, August 9, 2022
9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET


Are your data protection investments causing you to incur hidden costs? Join this webinar to learn how to compare the cost of SaaS vs. traditional hardware, software, and appliance-based solutions.

Operational and Strategic Benefits of SaaS-based Data Protection

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET


You know SaaS-based data protection delivers significant savings compared to traditional solutions. Join this webinar to learn how to communicate the operational and strategic benefits of SaaS.

How to Deliver Superior Security with SaaS-based Data Protection

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET


How can SaaS-based data protection improve your organization’s security? Join this webinar for a look at how security challenges are morphing today and gain insights into why SaaS delivers superior security compared to traditional solutions.


See the Druva SaaS Advantage in Action

How does Druva’s SaaS-based solution solve real-world challenges? Join Druva experts for a TCO walkthrough and demonstration series that explores the cost benefits of SaaS-based data protection and takes you under the hood of the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.

30 Minute TCO Walkthrough Could Save You 50% with SaaS-based Data Protection

See firsthand how a SaaS-based data protection approach, with single-console management, simplifies data resiliency and reduces costs. Join us for a TCO modeling discussion and console demonstration.

See SaaS Operational Benefits in Action

Discover how you can manage more data with 90% less effort and learn how the simplicity and flexibility of SaaS-based data protection differs from traditional approaches. The session will also include a TCO modeling walkthrough and product demonstration.


Elevate Your Security Posture With SaaS-based Data Protection

Learn how to use SaaS-based data protection to elevate your security posture without additional integrations, costs, or overhead. See for yourself how our unified console simplifies security management, and explore cost efficiencies with a TCO model walkthrough.

We’ve saved money and improved team efficiency across the board. With Druva we cut TCO by 50% — and even more when you factor in cost avoidance.

Timothey Loranger, Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

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