Streamline Data Governance

Maximize the value of your backup data with automated, predictive intelligence that makes it easy to comply with regulatory and compliance requirements.

Easily address data governance needs

Improve cyber resilience and compliance while protecting enterprise workforce and data assets.


Centralized visibility and management

Streamline data governance for all your critical data, wherever it lives, all from a centralized dashboard.


Sensitive data management

Stay ahead of costly compliance violations by monitoring sensitive data wherever it is stored.


Proactive eDiscovery and legal hold

Easily manage legal holds across your organization, and reduce the time and cost associated with eDiscovery requests.

How it works

Druva’s 100% SaaS platform delivers unified data protection, management, and information governance at scale across endpoints and cloud applications in a secure and compliant manner.

With process automation for identifying files that may contain sensitive information, IT can quickly assess and take corrective action for GDPR and HIPAA non-compliance of end-user data.

 Integrated full-text search indexing, extensive auditing, and intuitive data visibility, deliver greater insight into potential business data risks and issues. 

“If a data protection issue arises, with Druva we can easily search, collect, preserve, archive or delete data to support legal and GDPR compliance needs.”

Lewis Barbour Head of IT, Policy Services

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