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IndiGo secures 3,000+ endpoints with Druva and slashes data recovery IT support calls by 90%

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Reduction in IT support calls related to recovery of lost data


Endpoints protected 24x7x365 from data loss

About IndiGo

IndiGo is a low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It is the largest airline in India by passenger volume and fleet size, with a 47.5% domestic market share as of December 2019. It is also the largest individual Asian low-cost carrier in terms of jet fleet size and passengers carried. The airline operates flights to 87 destinations – 63 domestic and 24 international.

The Challenge

IndiGo’s IT organization is composed of teams that manage different verticals like network, infrastructure, application support and information security. IT is responsible for providing new business solutions to its constituents to deliver competitive advantages through innovation, productivity, and efficiency.

Tushar Cairae, IndiGo’s associate director and head of end user computing said, “We manage the IT infrastructure, connectivity across our airports network, devices used at airports, and several mission critical business applications to deliver hassle free computing. IT also enables our departments to effectively deliver services through automation and process improvement.”

IT managed approximately 3,000 endpoints where each user had a significant amount of data, but they did not have a robust data protection solution. They needed to implement a backup and recovery solution to protect business critical files.

The Solution

Tushar and team engaged partner Nubigo Technologies to evaluate data protection solutions from various endpoint data backup solution providers. “We explored other products while we did a POC with Druva. We started with a small trial of five licenses and tested it on critical users of IT, human resources (HR), and finance. After a successful POC and receiving positive feedback from IT executives, we decided to roll out Druva for 2,000 endpoints and eventually scale it to 3,000 endpoints,” said Tushar.

After using Druva inSync for on-premises endpoint protection for a couple of years, Tushar and team engaged Nubigo to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) and other benefits of moving to cloud-based data protection. With a positive evaluation, they moved to the cloud version of Druva inSync, and have scaled it to manage and protect 3,000 endpoints.

IndiGo IT found that Druva’s patented cloud architecture transformed its backup data into an asset, making it more open and accessible so that they could streamline data governance.

“The global ubiquity of the public cloud brings a higher level of efficiency for backup and recovery. We have been using Druva inSync in the cloud for nearly two years and it is working perfectly. Backups are completed on time without any failures,” said Tushar.

The Results

Before deploying Druva for endpoint data protection, Tushar’s team spent significant time responding to end users’ requests for recovering lost files and devices. With Druva protecting 3,000 endpoints, more than 90% of support calls for backup and recovery have been eliminated, as end users can do restores on their own without IT intervention.

Additionally, if data or a device is lost or stolen, recovery is painless for IndiGo end users. “Instead of the employee having to go without a laptop for a few hours or days, when it needs to be replaced, IT can issue a new laptop and direct the user to log in to Druva inSync and do a quick restore. This keeps end users focused on their work and helps improve productivity,” added Tushar.

With Druva, IndiGo’s IT team can access data backed up in the cloud, and respond quickly and positively, resulting in satisfied users. Tushar said, “In the past we’ve had some incidents where devices of some users have crashed, and data was lost. With Druva we can restore the data very quickly, giving us and our executives an additional level of confidence regarding data protection.”

Druva has also helped Tushar and team control costs. “Previously, the cost of lost laptops and other mobile devices were usually written off. But over time the costs of these losses accumulated exponentially. When factoring in the device and the data on it, the number of onsite restorations had increased wherein laptops were being sent to external suppliers for data recovery in case of a hard drive crash. Druva contains and reduces this cost in the form of uptime, restored data, and business continuity,” said Tushar.

Druva also provides protection from data breaches or misuse, which helps safeguard and protect critical information. “Druva helps protect our brand and allows us to maintain hard-won customer trust,” said Tushar.


  • 100% SaaS data protection platform built on AWS
  • Invisible backup windows and end-user access with self-service restore
  • Global deduplication improves network performance and accelerates data backup
  • Immediate access to all backups and fast search to restore