With the SaaS Advantage, Break from Legacy Data Protection and Reduce TCO

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

As organizations are beginning to embrace digital transformation, the global economy seems to be slowing down. That likely means we can expect heightened uncertainty about spending and increased supply chain disruptions. Traditional data protection solutions fall short in these conditions as hardware and software costs, management time, talent shortages, and supply chain disruptions can lead to increased expenses and day-to-day difficulties. 

Finding hidden data protection costs

For legacy backup systems, there are many fixed costs, including the purchase of software, along with the servers, and storage to run the systems. Soft costs include the cost of management for the data protection platform and security and there are even more hidden costs to consider when evaluating the true TCO of legacy backup systems

We at Druva tend to think of legacy data protection like an iceberg — what may appear to be a useful and affordable solution on the surface could be hiding a problematic list of compounding expenses just out of view…

Hidden costs

In short, your team is likely dealing with a myriad of hidden costs, many of which build on each other; you may be paying extra for any or all of the following:

  • Hardware, software, and/or storage costs
    • Over-provisioned compute and storage
    • Long-term software licenses
    • Cloud costs and fees
    • Costly duplicate copies
  • Management costs
    • Capacity management
    • Software upgrades and patches
    • Cloud management
    • Performance and cost tuning
  • Security costs
    • Air-gapping against ransomware
    • Monitoring backup environments
    • Incident response

Organizations looking to tighten their belts and prepare for an uncertain economic future need to evaluate their costs, break from traditional data protection, and search the marketplace to find the perfect fit between air-tight coverage across all workloads, simplicity in management and recoverability, and most importantly, affordability. 

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Get the most from your data protection investment

A modern and mature 100% SaaS-based solution lowers costs, reduces complexity, and accelerates time-to-value. Druva is the industry’s first and only at-scale SaaS-based data protection solution. It eliminates complex infrastructure and related management costs, and delivers data resilience via a single platform to simplify management across all workloads — data center, SaaS apps, and cloud workloads. Druva customers receive considerable cost savings and typically see a reduction in TCO up to 50%.

TCO after one year

How does Druva SaaS-based data protection benefit you?

By removing the burden of hardware, software, and management, Druva enables cost savings in a few key ways:

  • Increasing flexibility and scale — SaaS-based data protection scales up or down automatically. Shift from CAPEX to OPEX with transparent and flexible consumption-based pricing.
  • Freeing up key resources — Automated and always up-to-date, Druva’s SaaS-based solution just works. Anyone can back up or restore, freeing resources for critical projects.
  • Accelerating time to value — Eliminate delays from capacity planning, hardware acquisition, software upgrades and patches, and more. Data protection is delivered as a service.
  • Enhancing security — Enhance cyber security posture with multi-layer protection, monitoring and threat detection, and accelerated recovery and roll-back actions.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify — Minimize the TCO of protecting all business-critical data by eliminating hardware, software, and management costs.

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