How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Without Data Loss: Keep Your Data Secured

Piyusha Jagtap, Senior Associate Product Manager

The Windows Operating System(OS) upgrade process has been simplified in the past years and has resulted in a better customer experience. Nevertheless, doing an OS upgrade at an enterprise scale can lead to several complications as it impacts both system and application settings. By deploying Druva’s endpoint protection before the upgrade process starts, you can ensure that the files you need are backed up safely during the Windows 11 update. Additionally, Druva's Persona Backup feature empowers you to create a backup of your system and application settings offering advantages such as seamless OS migration and upgrades, system state recovery in case of failure, and rapid creation of an identical system in minutes. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the scenarios that might occur during the upgrade process and how Druva handles it.

  • The ideal path: Your scheduled backup cycle has already concluded. Now, the Windows 11 update process begins and completes successfully. Rest assured, your files remain secure with us throughout this entire process.

Upgrade to Windows 11 Without Data Loss 1
  • The Windows 11 upgrade initiates during the scheduled backup process: In this situation, the current backup job will temporarily pause until the Windows 11 upgrade process concludes. The job will automatically commence from where it stopped, thereby ensuring uninterrupted data protection.
Windows 11 upgrade without data loss
  • The crash: If by any chance the Windows 11 migration process crashes, you can re-install our client with the same email of the user and restore all your backup data (from the backup executed prior to the crash) which you can restore whenever required on whichever device you want.

Upgrade to Windows 11 Without Data Loss 3

Druva is a performant and versatile service that facilitates the backup and recovery of data located on end-user devices to mitigate data loss during Windows 11 upgrades.

Post-migration, you can restore your data through our intuitive interface and comprehensive restore options. Whether it's recovering individual files, restoring entire systems, or accessing snapshots for point-in-time recovery, Druva provides a flexible solution tailored to your data restoration needs. 

By prioritizing data security and reliability, Druva empowers businesses and individuals to embrace technology advancements with confidence knowing that their critical files, system configurations, app settings, and more are always safeguarded during your Windows 11 update.