The Rise and Risk of BYOD

Jennifer Deming Burnham

The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend is no longer new: It is the “new normal” for many companies. Enabling your workforce to use personally-owned devices at work – iPhone 6 anyone? – brings increased productivity and flexibility, yet it also poses rising risks to your company’s data.

Rather than respond to these risks with ever-tightening restrictions and policies, IT managers should consider recognizing these risks and embracing BYOD with the right solutions.

  • Consider endpoint backup in your overall backup plans by adopting a backup solution that protects data on endpoints, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Institute a data loss prevention (DLP) strategy, including encryption and remote wipe capabilities.
  • Develop a backup and remote wipe policy to ensure data protection while preserving user privacy.

With the risks known and the right solutions in place, your IT team can balance the productivity gains resulting from the consumerisation of IT while eliminating the possibility of data loss or breach – achieving a satisfied workforce and a BYOD policy that keeps up with the pace of change.

BYOD Infographic

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