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40 Scary Stats About Endpoint Data at Risk That You Didn’t Realize

In today’s cloud and mobile-based business world, an increasing amount of corporate data exists outside your corporate firewall, ‘in the wild,’ beyond the visibility and control of your IT team. Once outside the firewall, your data is exposed to threats seen and unseen. While you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to the potential risks about endpoint data in the wild, unfortunately, that doesn’t make the risks go away. We compiled 40 scary stats about data at risk covering everything from BYOD to flash drives to eDiscovery and IT challenges.

Consider these startling stats:


Shareworthy stats:


  • Only 51% of companies think they can preserve #endpoint data for regulatory or investigative litigation  (Tweet this)
  • Only 19% of IT pros say their organizations actually know how much regulated data is on endpoint devices (Tweet this)
  • 28% of corporate data resides exclusively on laptops and mobile devices, but 35% of enterprise laptops are not backed up (Tweet this)
  • 84% of IT pros don’t know how much regulated data resides in cloud-based file sharing applications (Tweet this)
  • Here are 40 shocking stats about data at risk #datagov (slideshare) (Tweet this)

Concerned about what these scary stats mean for your corporate data? Get our Survival Guide for Data in the Wild to learn how to reduce the risks to your data on laptops and mobile devices.