Raising the bar with the industry’s most awarded customer experience team

Tejas Bidkar, Manager - Customer Experience

Delivering best-in-class customer service and support

Druva has always strived for world-class customer service and satisfaction, and 2020 was no different. Druva’s Global Customer Services (GCS) team provides enterprise-class support to more than 4,000 global customers who trust Druva’s award-winning cloud data protection solutions. 

Our philosophy is that customer success is driven by the customers themselves across the account lifecycle, and that innovation within the product, support portal experience, services, education, and documentation is critical. Druva’s continual performance and attention to customer success garnered considerable recognition this year at the 15th annual Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards are the world’s premier business awards; created in 2002, they honor and generate public recognition for the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. There are eight Stevie Awards programs, each with its own focus and list of categories. Druva took home the following awards in the sales and customer service category.

Gold Stevie Award winner:

  • Most valuable response by a customer service team (COVID-19 response)
  • Best customer feedback strategy
  • Best customer satisfaction strategy
  • Award for innovation in customer service — computer industries
  • Best return on customer service investment
  • Best use of customer insight

Silver Stevie Award winner:

  • Best use of technology in customer service — computer industries.
  • Contact center of the year (up to 100 seats) — technology industries.
  • Front-line customer service team of the year — technology industries.
  • Customer service department of the year — computer software — up to 100 employees.

Grand Stevie Award winner

In addition, Druva was named a Grand Stevie Award winner among nine other companies recognized as being worldwide leaders in the sales and customer service space. Nominees were not able to apply for the Grand Stevie Awards directly; winners were determined by a points system based on the total number of awards won in other categories, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards counting separately toward the company’s final score. Read more about Druva’s achievements in this year’s ceremony in our new press release, and learn more about the Grand Stevies, including the final list of winners, on the Stevie Awards’ site

Druva’s extensive experience and proven portfolio in cloud data protection, and its effective world-class support processes ensure our customer experience and services systems rapidly scale to support an effective, remote, and worldwide workforce amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Druva has taken immediate action to create capacity in our contact center to deliver a consistent quality experience for our customers in the face of a crisis.

Customer service achievements in 2020

Druva believes in continuous investment in customer experience with resources, time, and tools. Innovating for customer success has been Druva’s key focus — implementing the best technology and fully integrating solutions for a seamless customer experience. 

In 2020, Druva customer services made investments in the following key areas:

  • In-product support experience and user engagements
  • Swarm support model
  • Re-designed and enhanced self service portals (Druva docs and support portal)
  • Customer success programs (gainsight operationalization)
  • Product telemetry
  • Integrated Druva status page
  • High-performing teams

Explore a few of these key investments further in the examples below.

In-product support experience and user engagements

Druva introduced an in-product engagement and analytics widget for our products. The in-app support provides personalized guidance, contextual help, announcements, and tailored user onboarding directly from the Druva console. Key functionality upgrades include:

  • Documentation search for product configuration management and deployment.
  • Real-time 24×7 Druva Cloud status and availability on the dashboard.
  • Live chat with Druva support engineers for assistance whenever required.
  • How-to videos for deployment assistance, new feature release, and best practices.
  • Ability to provide product feedback.
  • Access to product announcements and updates. 
  • Direct access links for the support center.

Swarm support model — collaborative support enhancing the support experience  

The switch from the tiered model to a swarm (collaborative) support model has led to significant gains, driving results that are both employee-facing and customer-facing. Druva’s swarm model ensures customer interactions are routed to the best support representative based on the issue type and engineer skills. This ensures SME support is always available, reducing customer effort, and enabling faster resolution times. The following benefits have been achieved as a result of these enhancements:

  • Improved speed (99% SLO achieved) and accuracy of solutions provided to customers
  • Improved resolution times
  • Increased NPS (88)/CSAT (4.9)
  • Increased knowledge transfer and retention
  • Reduced customer effort
  • Reduced customer escalations and backlogs

Product telemetry

In addition, Druva implemented automated communication processes with multiple data sources to generate product telemetry data. Telemetry data is used to improve customer experiences, monitor security, application health, quality, and performance across Druva products — inSync, Phoenix, and Cloud Ranger.

This has been a critical project since its initiation in 2020, and has achieved the following key accomplishments:

  • Actionable insights
    • Predictive models (high risk, upsell/cross-sell opportunities)
    • Customer usage patterns
  • Next-best action
    • Take an action on behalf of the customer
    • Inform customers for awareness
    • Mark targeted offers to the customer
  • Elevate organization performance 
    • Reduce contact volumes
    • Reduce churn/cancels
    • Increase upsell/cross-sell

Next steps

The reception of this year’s Stevie Awards further adds to an impressive and growing list of recognitions Druva has received over the last year. Its highlights include a Cyber Catalyst designation as a proven cloud-based solution to mitigate cyber risk, and a naming to CRN’s Security 100 list for the fourth consecutive year as a recognition of the company’s channel focus, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding partner benefits. 

With these awards as evidence, Druva’s customers not only receive leading cloud-native data protection to accelerate their cloud journey, but also best-in-class customer service to provide support every step of the way. Read a customer testimonial to learn more insights about a real-life example of cloud transformation and proven results.