Protecting VMs across Microsoft Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Jude Daniel, Sr. Product Manager

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides comprehensive backup and restore capabilities for all virtual machines in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure VMware Solution (AVS) VMs, Hyper-V VMs, Azure Stack HCI VMs, and Azure VMs. Our solution is designed to support a wide range of virtualization technologies and cloud environments, ensuring that organizations can easily protect and recover their data no matter where it resides. Druva protects data with air-gapped backups, offers infinite scale, and provides a simple consumption-based pricing model that enables customers to reduce costs and complexity, increase cyber resilience, and maintain compliance.

Infrastructure diagram

Here’s how we support each of the platforms mentioned above:

Azure VMware Solution VMs

Druva’s solution for Azure VMware Solution (AVS) provides complete data protection, enabling the quick back up and recovery of AVS VMs using policies that can be easily managed from a single console. Druva can back up virtual machines created in Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) similar to on-premise vSphere-based data centers. 

The backed-up virtual machines can be restored to:

  • Same AVS SDDC from where they were backed up

  • Different public cloud VMware SDDC like VMware Cloud on AWS, etc.

  • Any on-premise VMware data center

Similarly, virtual machines backed up from an on-premise data center can be restored to an AVS SDDC.

Hyper-V VMs

Druva’s solution for Hyper-V VMs provides comprehensive data protection, supporting granular backup and recovery, and making it easy to recover individual files or folders. Druva lets administrators easily manage backup and restore for virtual machines hosted on Windows servers and use Microsoft's Hyper-V technology and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. Druva performs image-level virtual machine backup for virtual machines that run on:

  • Standalone hosts

  • Hosts within a cluster

  • Hosts managed through System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Azure Stack HCI VMs

Druva’s solution for Azure Stack HCI VMs provides enterprise-grade data protection for Azure Stack HCI virtual machines similar to our Hyper-V offering. Our solution provides complete backup and recovery for Azure Stack HCI VMs, including support for granular backup and recovery. Furthermore, VMs backed up from Azure Stack HCI can be easily restored to another Azure Stack HCI setup or even any existing Hyper-V setup. 

Azure VMs (coming soon)

We are constantly expanding our capabilities and adding support for new technologies and platforms. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working to extend our support for Azure VMs with new features and functionality that will make it even easier for organizations to protect their data in the Azure cloud. Keep an eye out for updates from Druva as we continue to innovate and improve our data protection solutions.

Why Druva?

Apart from the core backup and recovery use case, we are also helping your organization to protect, prepare, and recover from any cyber-attacks. Druva’s unified security command center provides customized, security posture insights based on your unique deployment, plus a centralized view of data and access anomalies. Let’s briefly look at some of these features:

Rollback Actions

To enhance the data security posture and to safeguard backup data from deletions triggered by rogue administrators, ransomware attacks, or operational incidents, you can configure Rollback Actions. With Rollback Actions, you can roll back deleted entities within a configurable rollback window for all workloads including Nutanix AHV. 

Data Lock

Ransomware attacks are increasing at an exponential rate. Backup environments are popular targets for ransomware attacks. There can be various reasons why backup copies can be modified or deleted. When it comes to protecting your data in the event of a ransomware attack, snapshots are critical components of your organization’s business strategy and data recovery plan. 

Organizations can enable Data Lock to prevent modification, deletion, or tampering of business-critical data and make it immutable. Immutability has gained widespread attention with rising ransomware attacks that put enterprise data and business continuity at huge risk.

Security Events Dashboard

Druva offers Security Events, a dashboard that shows you upfront the count of all administrator login events, data access events, API requests, and unusual data activity alerts and nudges you to take remedial actions if required. This data helps you gain situational awareness about the backed-up data by gathering events from all Druva products.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the right solution to manage your enterprise data assets and help your IT team meet the business scale without the overhead of infrastructure, maintenance, and support costs — let Druva help you. Being 100% SaaS and offering transparent consumption pricing, Druva’s unified, secure, and compliant platform supports all your data protection needs across data centers, the cloud, and endpoints.

Druva platform overview

Next Steps

Druva gives you a single pane of glass through which you can view the backup status and manage the data protection of your environment distributed across remote sites and public clouds in multiple geographies.

To learn more about Druva, please visit our hybrid cloud backup page.