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Clouds in Paradise: An Arizona Town’s Cloud Data Protection Transformation

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Paradise Valley, Arizona, known for its luxurious amenities and affluent residents, faced a critical challenge in safeguarding its data. With a diverse range of workloads, including Microsoft 365, VMware, NAS, and SQL, Paradise Valley needed a robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution to ensure the protection of its valuable information. This case study explores how Paradise Valley overcame these challenges by partnering with Druva, transforming their data management processes and enhancing efficiency, security, and cost savings.

The Challenge: Complex and Inefficient Data Protection

Paradise Valley had been using Commvault, relying on cumbersome tape-based backups that consumed significant time and resources. The complexity and lack of user-friendliness of the previous system made data management a tedious and inefficient process. Walter Wojno, the IT Analyst for the town, recognized the need for a change to a solution that offered a more intuitive and streamlined approach to data protection.

Wojno explained, "Our experience with the Commvault solution made it evident that it had its fair share of shortcomings... We encountered challenges with its complexity and lack of user-friendliness, which hindered our ability to efficiently manage data." The town's IT team realized the necessity of finding a solution that could simplify their workflows and provide a more efficient data management process.

The Solution: Druva's Comprehensive Data Protection

After an extensive evaluation process, Paradise Valley chose Druva as its data protection partner. Druva's ability to consolidate and protect all data in a single solution, eliminating the need for tape-based interventions, was a significant factor in the town's decision. Additionally, Druva's air-gapped backups provided an extra layer of security for Paradise Valley's critical information.

One of the standout features that attracted Paradise Valley was Druva's 100% SaaS-based delivery model. This model required no additional hardware or software investment, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice. Paradise Valley initially focused on protecting its Microsoft 365 data and seamlessly transitioned to Druva, leveraging the platform's easy implementation and superior customer support.

The success of this migration prompted Paradise Valley to expand its data protection efforts to include on-premises systems such as VMware, MS-SQL, and NAS workloads. By extending their partnership with Druva, Paradise Valley consolidated their hybrid workloads under a single intuitive platform, simplifying data management even further.

Results: Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Peace of Mind

Partnering with Druva transformed the day-to-day operations of Paradise Valley's IT team. Tasks that used to consume hours and involve multiple team members now require only a fraction of the time. Walter Wojno highlighted the remarkable results, stating, "Since implementing Druva, our data management has become more efficient, and the time required for backup and recovery has significantly decreased... Druva's intelligent global deduplication features have made a notable difference in our management and cost of operations."

Druva's user-friendly dashboards and reports provide valuable insights into the infrastructure's performance, enabling easy monitoring and issue resolution. This streamlined workflow has improved efficiency and reduced the burden on the IT staff. Wojno explained, "Druva's centralized dashboard has been a game-changer for us... This level of visibility and control was something we were certainly missing with Commvault."

Aside from time savings, Paradise Valley also experienced cost benefits by adopting Druva's SaaS-based model. The elimination of tape-based processes, along with savings in manpower hours, media expenses, and offsite storage, made the switch to Druva an obvious choice for the town.

"The ease of use and flexibility of Druva have transformed our data management processes... Druva has truly simplified our workflows and improved productivity," Wojno emphasized.

Paradise Valley's journey with Druva began with the protection of their Microsoft 365 data and expanded to include the consolidation of hybrid workloads. With a seamless onboarding experience, user-friendly solutions, and efficient data management processes, Paradise Valley overcame the challenges posed by their previous system. Druva's comprehensive data protection solutions empowered Paradise Valley to enhance efficiency, scalability, and cost savings, enabling the town to focus on serving its affluent residents and maintaining its esteemed reputation as one of Arizona's most prestigious municipalities.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Paradise Valley found the perfect partner in Druva, ensuring the security and resilience of their data while simplifying and streamlining their data management operations. By choosing Druva, Paradise Valley has unlocked new possibilities for growth, innovation, and unparalleled protection of their valuable information.

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