Leading the way with Microsoft 365 data protection

Anwesa Chatterjee, Senior Director, Product Marketing

The way people choose to communicate and collaborate at work is changing rapidly. In today’s new normal, IT leaders are realizing the significance of protecting business data more than ever. Enterprises are rapidly shifting to Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS offers flexible payment options, accessibility, scalability, security, consistent updates and increased collaboration, all key attributes of any successful and growing business. Enterprise cloud spending is growing and most believe the pandemic will increase their cloud usage. In truth, working from home has likely accelerated digital transformation by 5 years. 

Microsoft 365 is the top SaaS collaboration and file sharing app today. Microsoft has rebranded its Office 365 subscriptions to “Microsoft 365” from “Office 365” as of 21 April 2020. It offers a rich platform consisting of several applications supporting collaboration, productivity, communication, email, file storage and sharing. It has crossed 200 million monthly active users and Teams shot up by 70% to 75 million daily active users. 

Protect your remote workforce, know the shared responsibilities

Even though SaaS is a step in the right direction, especially for digital transformation, there’s a giant leap between the limited data protection that SaaS promises and fail-safe data protection. If you read Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, you will know that Microsoft protects hardware and software at the infrastructure level. This includes the physical security of their data centers and the authentication and identification within their cloud services, as well as the user and admin controls built into the Microsoft Office 365 UI. 

The IT organization is responsible for security at the data-level and data access and controls. Even though the data resides within Microsoft 365, an IT organization’s responsibility comes with all types of external pressures from the industry, as well as compliance demands from legal, compliance or HR teams…which might not be supported by Microsoft.

M365 data protection responsibilities

How can Druva help?

Customers chose Druva to protect their Microsoft 365 applications to achieve business resiliency and realize more value from their backup data. Druva delivers:

  • Comprehensive protection and recovery capabilities across all components of Microsoft 365, including Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive 
  • The highest level of security and privacy, including ransomware protection with data isolation and immutability and the broadest support for security and privacy standards, including Gov Cloud and FedRamp
  • The most value-add capabilities including eDiscovery and legal hold as well as data compliance
  • Ease of use and speed that customers rave about, such as 15 min set it and forget it, single dashboard across workloads and use cases, and the recovery agility that stems from flexible, granular and consistent recovery experience to meet different loss scenarios. 

Finally customers value the opportunity to protect cloud with cloud. They found in Druva the same cloud benefits that led them to adopt Microsoft 365: reduced TCO, no S/W installation or management, bi-weekly automatic feature roll-outs, automatic scaling and no capacity planning or cluster management. 

Customers can manage their backups from anywhere and directing traffic from Microsoft cloud directly to the Druva Cloud Platform eliminates any impact on WAN or VPN traffic. This is especially important for a remote workforce that needs remote management capabilities.

So if you are on a cloud journey, Druva as a cloud-native solution, is the natural data protection partner and most compatible with your architecture and strategy. Druva’s solution for Microsoft 365 data protection and governance, complements and fills in the gaps where Microsoft 365 falls short. Druva offers simple, scalable and secure backup and restore along with data governance and compliance capabilities like eDiscoveryCompliance and Federated search.

M365 backup dashboard

Join our customers at DxP to learn how they have made the transformation successful

Don’t just hear it from us, join two of our favorite customers at Druva’s virtual conference, DxP, happening on November 17th at 8 am PST. Learn more about how your industry peers have made the cloud transformation and adopted secure and protected SaaS environments, increasing business agility and resilience and reducing IT costs. 

Brooklyn, New York-based OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services began as a small foster care agency in 1969. Today, OHEL is a large social services agency that meets the diverse and growing needs of its community offering support for thousands of individuals and families every day in the New York City area. OHEL uses Druva to support its cloud-first adoption across organization, reducing IT costs, maximizing IT efficiency and business continuity. 

Another similar thought leader from the manufacturing space is Hope Global who would be speaking at DxP. In its 137+ years in business, Hope Global has transformed from an old textile business based in Rhode Island to a global manufacturing company and quadrupled in size. Hope Global uses Druva to protect their employee and customer data across the organization and make a safe and secure transition to SaaS apps like Microsoft 365. 

Register free for our half-day virtual conference, DxP, to learn more about what you can do with Druva for Microsoft 365 applications and beyond.