Accelerate legal hold for eDiscovery

Proactive eDiscovery cuts data collection costs by half and streamlines legal hold

Manual data collection and preservation is costly, time consuming and jeopardizes data spoliation. Organizations want to reduce eDiscovery costs, risks and increase efficiency.

Litigation risk is driving up eDiscovery costs

What makes Druva different

Proactive data collection and legal hold preserves backup data across cloud applications and end-user devices to reduce costs and streamline eDiscovery.

Reduce eDiscovery costs by up to 50%

Automated indexing of data across endpoints and cloud applications reduces storage costs by extracting only relevant data sets for investigations.

Increase data relevancy to reduce search time

Federated, full-text and metadata search quickly identifies relevant datasets across all end-users, devices and storage locations.

Strengthen data integrity

Comprehensive legal hold, tamper proof audit trails and immutable backups prevent spoliation and preserve defensibility of eDiscovery data.


Proactive data collection, pre-culling and automated legal hold accelerates upstream elements of Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

With Druva, our data collection is less reactive and more proactive, because the data is out there, we just need to go get it. The streamlining has been tremendous.

Roger Huff, Associate Director, Security Investigations & Forensics
Allergan PLC

Simple, comprehensive legal hold

  • Legal hold management across organization
  • Reduce reliance on custodians
  • Minimizes risk of spoliation

Proactive data collection

  • Store data by date range and file type
  • Preserve data across endpoints and cloud applications
  • Identify legal hold data across users, devices and storage locations

Chain of custody reporting

  • Data fingerprinted for authenticity
  • Meets legal hold defensibility
  • Metadata collected per DOJ and EDRM guidelines


Minimize risk of data spoliation with policy-based legal hold to prevent undesired data disposal and accidental or malicious deletions.

How it works

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How organizations are leveraging cloud based eDiscovery to save time and costs

Solution brief

Accelerate collection and preservation of Slack eDiscovery and legal hold


The eDiscovery cost savings guide shows you how to reduce data collection sizes and overall eDiscovery costs

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