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Hitachi America Limited Achieves 100% Endpoint Protection and 20% Reduction in IT Support Tickets with Druva

Lauren Hamilton, Director, Content Marketing

Remote work mobility and collaborative SaaS applications are boosting user productivity and creating IT challenges for backing up endpoints. This especially rings true for large enterprises with dispersed workforces, using endpoints in locations with separate regulatory, compliance, and legal requirements.

Hitachi America, Ltd., a Hitachi Group Company, was faced with solving their inability to back up, restore, and secure 2,000+ PC endpoints, jumpstarting their search for a cloud-based data protection solution. According to Senior IT Manager Lennox James, “If a PC went down, we were often unable to restore the data. When users would alert us to lost data, we either directed them to search through Microsoft 365 or we’d ship them an external hard drive. We also had no way to easily migrate data on PCs for newly acquired companies or do PC refresh.” 

It would take days to complete a manual PC migration or refresh, and most hard drives sent were encrypted, making the restore process much more difficult. 

Hitachi America Limited Implements Druva and Achieves Rapid Results

After evaluating multiple solutions, including CrashPlan and Symantec DLO, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud emerged the clear winner due to the simplicity, scalability, and savings delivered alongside its 100% SaaS platform. Hitachi America Limited now has visibility into their backups and can determine which devices are active or on legal hold. 

If a PC breaks down, Druva enables them to easily migrate data to a new device. They now have the ability to remotely wipe data on lost or stolen devices and rapidly recover entire devices. “Druva has been a lifesaver for us many times. We can refresh endpoints for provisioning much faster now,” James said. New users are also automatically imported into Druva’s platform via Microsoft’s Active Directory. Additionally, James noted that Druva’s support is incredibly efficient. “I can easily open a ticket, and have a fast response from Druva Support.” With Druva, they have seen a 20% reduction in IT support tickets.

Over the past five years with Druva, Hitachi America has increased its effectiveness in eDiscovery and legal hold without disrupting business and employee productivity. Because compliance, regulatory, and litigation environments are different across Hitachi America’s subsidiaries, endpoint backups in a centralized location make legal hold and eDiscovery processes seamless and efficient. With Druva, Hitachi America’s legal custodians can store data by date range and file type, preserve data across endpoints, and identify legal hold data across users and devices.

Additionally, James and his team have peace of mind that they’ve achieved cyber resilience and data governance for endpoints with Druva, with 100% of their endpoints backed up and protected. “Whether it’s a cyber attack or a PC refresh, we can easily restore data with Druva much faster than before.”

What’s next?

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