Get the most from your Kubernetes deployments with Druva

Druva Marketing

IT and applications development teams are embracing Kubernetes to build containerized apps and modernize existing apps. However, many stateful production workloads are incorrectly protected, or left completely unprotected. These issues are exacerbated as many open-source tools offer only limited protection with a steep learning curve, difficult manual functions, and complicated maintenance. Typically, tools cater only to specialized Kubernetes admins and not other stakeholders in the organization — such as DevOps, cloud admins, or application owners.

Druva offers an application-centric solution for Kubernetes, which identifies and protects applications by combining Kubernetes-level backup with AWS-level snapshots for comprehensive protection of all application data. This singular solution enables organizations to fold Kubernetes protection into an existing data management system. As a result, they receive a compelling option for expanding the use of containerized workloads featuring the following key benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Self-service recovery
  • Compliance and controls
  • Proven cloud data protection
  • Enhanced data mobility
  • Long-term retention
  • Multi-admin support
  • Workload cloning

As application owners build and update environments, Druva automatically and securely stores application snapshots for a quick and easy recovery. These snapshots can be restored to a new AWS region or account for workload migration, cloning, or troubleshooting — all through Druva’s intuitive UI. Users can easily automate Kubernetes backups for containerized applications in AWS, eliminating the steep learning curve of hands-on administration and maintenance tasks.

Download Druva’s new Kubernetes datasheet to learn more, including how the solution works, the components protected, key product features, and more.

And watch the video below to join Druva experts for an in-depth exploration of our Kubernetes data protection solution.