Druva Rewind: March 2023 — Druva Wins for SAP HANA Backup, Ransomware Recovery, and Customer Success

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Welcome to our monthly wrap-up series, Druva Rewind! In this edition, we’ll take a look back at all the biggest cloud data backup and recovery madness from March.

Introducing Druva for SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a popular in-memory database used by many large enterprises for real-time data processing. However, the lack of visibility into SAP HANA backups has led to security breaches and compliance issues, and backup solutions for on-premises and older systems have been complex and costly. Druva's SAP-certified solution for SAP HANA offers comprehensive and automated backup and restore capabilities that seamlessly integrate with SAP HANA. Druva's solution provides full control to SAP HANA admins for defining schedules and retention of backups and offers great visibility to backup admins for job details and data consumption trends.

Druva's backup solution for SAP HANA also includes advanced delete protection with rollback actions, ransomware protection, and a comprehensive data resiliency guarantee covering five key risk categories. Druva's SAP HANA agent works seamlessly with various deployments, including on-premises and cloud, and offers simple consumption-based pricing to drive down costs. With fast backup and restore speeds, Druva's solution provides support for organizations' aggressive RPO/RTO for their mission-critical SAP HANA data, making it an ideal choice for small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Visit the new SAP HANA workload page, read the blog, and download the solution brief below for more info.

Get the Details on Druva’s Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware attacks can compromise data integrity and recovery can be challenging for organizations. While a good backup copy is important, it is not enough. Recovering from ransomware requires cross-team collaboration, shared tools, and automation to guarantee access to clean backup data and logs, and minimize data loss across multiple recovery points. Druva Data Resiliency Cloud offers a foundational protection layer that ensures both data integrity and availability with air-gapped, immutable backups backed by Druva's $10M Data Resiliency Guarantee.

Druva offers prebuilt workflows that simplify and accelerate the complex process of ransomware recovery, including investigation, quarantine, recovery, and data loss. The platform allows organizations to quickly quarantine suspect snapshots, scan data before restore, and automatically minimize data loss across multiple recovery points. Druva also provides features such as Quarantine, Curated Recovery, Recovery Scans, APIs & SOAR Integrations, which accelerate the response, forensics, and recovery efforts. With the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, organizations get guaranteed resilience, protection, insights to help prepare for an attack, and the automation to recover quickly and safely.

Download the new datasheet to learn more.

March Customer Case Studies

Druva Provides Increased Security and 84% Reduction in Costs for Peraton

Peraton, a US national security contractor, was facing challenges in managing backups for more than 125 file servers using tapes stored off-site, which was becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming. To address the issue, the company turned to Druva's Data Resiliency Cloud, which offers a cloud-native backup solution for hybrid workloads. Peraton's commercial software division migrated from a disk and tape approach to Druva's solution, resulting in an 84% reduction in total backup costs and increased productivity for system administrators.

The Druva solution provided a user-friendly interface that allowed easy creation, modification, and monitoring of backup policies and jobs. The team found the migration process seamless, and the Druva solution was up and running within an hour. In addition, the SaaS-based backup strategy provided peace of mind during natural disasters, as backups could be initiated and completed with a single click, unlike the old tape-based approach. Overall, Peraton's commercial software division now has a reliable, cost-effective, and secure backup solution for its mission-critical data.

Build Group Chooses Druva For Ransomware Recovery Features and Advances Data Protection

Build Group, a San Francisco-based general contractor, has adopted Druva as their SaaS backup solution. Previously, their physical on-premises backup system was costly and time-consuming to maintain. With Druva, Build Group moved to cloud-based backup and recovery, with the ability to protect end-user devices, file and Microsoft SQL workloads, cloud disaster recovery functionality, and Salesforce data. Druva's ransomware protection and data resiliency have led to significant cost savings, reduced cyber liability insurance premiums, and scalability, allowing the IT team to focus on higher-level efforts.

Build Group's IT manager noted the ease of use and features of Druva, which eliminated the need for on-site servers and provided peace of mind for senior leadership and himself. The cloud-based solution allowed for email alerts in case of backup issues and eliminated the costs associated with each Salesforce restore. With Druva, Build Group's data protection and security challenges were addressed and their Salesforce environment can be restored simply and easily as needed.

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