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Druva provides Vertrax strong Microsoft 365, endpoint, and ransomware protection

Colin McAlpine, Corporate Account Executive

Worldwide, a ransomware attack occurs once every 11 seconds, according to Cybersecurity Ventures¹. Unfortunately, logistics companies have recently become new favorite targets for hackers, and the industry was hit hard in 2020. Logistics companies are a tempting target for cyber criminals because of their immediate need for data on products in transit. This makes them more likely to pay a ransom.

There are several long-lasting costs of ransomware attacks, including downtime, needing specialists to restore systems and/or rebuild computers, and loss of customer confidence.

Vertrax, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions for the bulk oil and gas distribution market, has been a recent target of ransomware — once while using Veeam to protect its Microsoft 365 data, and again after replacing Veeam with Druva.

Vertrax’s Director of IT, Rob Ljunggren, explained the situation around Veeam’s failure. Ransomware penetrated the network corrupting its Microsoft OneDrive files, and even corrupting its on-premises backup files. “We couldn’t recover most of the files,” said Rob.

“We needed our Microsoft 365 data to be backed up offsite, plus endpoint protection, robust disaster recovery (DR) capability, and ransomware protection — preferably all in the same place.” Druva proved to be the ideal solution for Vertrax’s needs.

Ransomware recovery in minutes with Druva

Druva’s zero-trust architecture delivers single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and role based access (RBAC) isolates, and controls data access to guard against infection and encryption. When it comes to ransomware recovery, Druva enables organizations to recognize ransomware attacks quickly, respond and mitigate within minutes, before identifying infection-free recovery points to minimize data loss.

Two months after migrating to Druva, Vertrax was hit with ransomware again, and saw this statement come to fruition. The ransomware encrypted affected emails, changed extensions, and corrupted OneDrive folders and files. Leveraging Druva, recovery was a completely different experience when compared to Veeam, Rob explained. “With Druva, and the counsel it provided, it was easy to just log in and do the restore. After we wiped the affected endpoint, we fully restored the affected data from the Druva backup in a couple of minutes.”

Druva is uniquely positioned to help businesses navigate the data risks and security challenges of the cloud era. Its approach to cloud data protection utilizes both an advanced algorithm and unique encryption model where data and metadata are decoupled and encrypted. This guarantees that data is only accessible to customers, which is a critical component to meeting today’s evolving and extensive privacy regulations.

To protect businesses against ransomware attacks, Druva award-winning solution provides a holistic, multi-level security response strategy, which incorporates extensive prevention measures to account for threats. This empowers strong resilience to minimize downtime and keep business-critical processes up and running.

Druva delivers the X factor in reduction of restore speed, time, and costs

According to Rob, his team is able to restore data 10x faster with Druva when compared to its legacy solution, Veeam. “With Veeam, it took 30 minutes to restore a file,” Rob said. “With Druva, we can restore a lost file in three minutes.”

In addition to the restore speeds and ransomware recovery capabilities, Vertrax is also paying 50% less for Druva to protect its Microsoft 365 data and endpoints than it was for Veeam, which it was only using for Microsoft 365. “I couldn’t believe we were paying so much before for things we can automate in Druva,” said Rob.

The time spent managing Druva compared to Veeam is also 4x less, as Rob can manage backups for Microsoft 365 — Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams — in one central console. “With Veeam, there were four different consoles I had to use to manage my Microsoft 365 data alone,” Rob said. “Even then, I was never confident it was successfully backed up.”

“Now, I have everything in one management console. I even get automated email status updates so I always know where we stand.” All functions in a single pane of glass make it simple and cost-efficient to manage.

What’s next?

Read the new Vertrax case study to learn more about how the company recovered from ransomware with Druva, and how it can now easily facilitate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) audits.


¹ Cybersecurity Ventures, “2019 Cybersecurity Almanac: 100 Facts, Figures, Predictions And Statistics,” Morgan, Steve.