Druva Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Cyber Recovery

WaiSau Sit, Product Marketing Director, Cybersecurity

I’m thrilled to share that Druva is a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cyber Recovery 2023 Vendor Assessment (doc #US49787923, November 2023). This report evaluates vendors' capabilities, strategies, product offerings, and their ability to deliver cyber recovery solutions. 

To be considered for this IDC MarketScape, vendors are evaluated on their ability to ensure data survival, data integrity, and rapid recovery. Designed to help you understand the key players in the cyber recovery market, this report details their strengths, weaknesses, and how their offerings align with the evolving needs and challenges in protecting against cyber threats and recovering from potential cybersecurity incidents.

How is Cyber Recovery Different from Traditional Recovery?

IDC confirms the reality that cyber recovery differs from traditional recovery. The latter falls short in protecting organizations against sophisticated cyber threats. Druva has extensive, first hand experience helping customers recover from attacks – several a week, for several years. 

Once an attacker infiltrates your environment, it means some aspects of your defenses are vulnerable. Until security and incident response teams have contained the threat and understand the blast radius, much of IT trust is broken. When this comes into question, cyber recovery objectives are no longer controlled just by IT or app owners as they are with traditional data recovery. 

In cyber recovery, security teams require a certified, clean recovery. Any restores must be clean restores. Because malware in an existing system can be easily backed up, it must be removed before you recover data. Additionally, proof may be required that the data has been scanned for known malware signatures and unique IOCs before recovery.

How quickly an organization can respond and how cleanly they can recover can be the difference between keeping the lights on or not. Observability into your backup data, coupled with analytical insights, can have a significant impact in the time it takes incident responders to remediate and recover. Most organizations don’t know they lack visibility, or the degree to which they lack it, until a ransomware attack happens. And oftentimes their backup environment does not have the same degree of security as their production environment. Given bad actors often target backups, security is more crucial than ever.

Druva’s Unique Approach to Cyber Recovery

Data protection is a foundational element to cyber resilience, and Druva’s autonomous protection takes the worry out of it while helping organizations protect their data from ransomware. Druva’s air-gapped, immutable backups are coupled with malware-resistant architecture, zero trust security (including MFA, RBAC, etc.), multi-stage encryption, dual digital envelope encryption, and delayed deletion protocols. With unique capabilities, such as data lock, Druva will always have safe backup data for cyber recovery. 

Building cyber resilience requires an ability to rapidly respond to security incidents. You can see and act on threats to your data with Druva’s 24/7 Security Command Center. The ability to derive data insights, context and alerts from the vast reservoir of backup data is key in understanding the scope of a threat. With anomaly detection and AI/ML-driven insights, you can accelerate decisions and act quickly in the event of a breach. 

Many backup solutions lack well-orchestrated, built-in recovery mechanisms, leading to manual recovery processes, reinfection, and incomplete data recovery. Druva guarantees your cyber recovery by ensuring the integrity and availability of both the platform that recovers data and the data itself, which helps organizations further mitigate risk. Customers can restore with confidence and prevent reinfections with malicious file scan, quarantine and workload-specific recovery (i.e., sandbox recovery for VMs), and curated recovery. Recover at scale with seamless, pre-built 3rd party integrations and orchestrated cloud disaster recovery. 

Druva ensures on-demand data recovery backed by a $10M Data Resiliency Guarantee, which is noted as "among the broadest data confidentiality and recovery guarantees," according to the IDC MarketScape report.

Next Steps

Download the 2023 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Cyber Recovery excerpt to learn more about how Druva’s Advanced Ransomware Recovery offering aligns to the three key principles of IDC’s cyber resiliency.