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Druva on AWS Snowball Edge

Seyi Verma

Enabling Petabyte-scale Workload Mobility

Businesses are quickly transitioning to the cloud, steering from traditional infrastructure, as the cloud provides scale, flexibility, and added resiliency. That’s why Druva and AWS have co-designed Snowball Edge, pre-configured with Druva data management technology for organizations to move and protect their workloads in the cloud seamlessly.

What is AWS Snowball Edge and how does Druva come into play?

AWS Snowball Edge is a data migration and edge computing device with 100TB of capacity and support for computing tasks via built-in Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda function capabilities. This solution, co-designed by AWS and Druva, allows businesses to move workloads between on-premises and cloud; it extends Druva’s cloud-native system to speed up the shift to and from cloud without the lock-in, complexity, and legacy hardware while also providing connection to cloud services. The challenge that businesses are facing is that on-premises systems require short backup and recovery times with high volumes of data, forcing organizations to maintain older and complicated on-premises solutions. Without the economies of scale of the cloud, organizations deploy expensive on-premises hardware and long term storage that are complex to manage and often remain idle.

Why AWS Snowball Edge?

Druva and AWS have leveraged the progressive capabilities of SBE to aid the fast transition of data and workloads to and from the cloud. Organizations receive the benefits of workload mobility, improving their overall business continuity SLAs without the need for secondary appliances. Furthermore, customers don’t want to purchase infrastructure to solve the journey to the cloud. Hence, AWS Snowball Edge pre-configured with Druva Data Management Technology. This solution has a goal of seamless management and includes some key differentiators:

  • Zero customer cost
  • Plug and Play workload mobility
  • Flexibility with no compromise to data protection
  • Ship 100s of PB securely

Let’s dive into these points further.

Zero customer cost—Load and ship! Is it that easy? Yes! Well, AWS Snowball Edge is integrated into the Druva Cloud Platform, for Druva Phoenix customers, allowing it to be offered at no additional cost, speaking to the benefit of an ‘as-a-service’ solution.

Plug and play data workload mobility—With Druva software pre-installed on AWS Snowball Edge, simply apply backup policies and backup or restore direct and from AWS Snowball Edge. With global deduplication technology, only a single copy of data is stored, ensuring maximum storage on device.

Flexibility with no compromise to data protection—Once data has been migrated to the cloud, and if an organization decides to move to the direct-to-cloud model, customers can simply unplug the device and ship it back, with no interruption to their data protection service.

Ship 100s of PB securely—AWS Snowball Edge devices use tamper-evident enclosures, 256-bit encryption, and industry-standard Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) designed to ensure both security and full chain-of-custody for your data.

How It Works

AWS Snowball Edge is a data migration and edge computing device with 100TB of capacity and support for computing tasks via built-in Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda function capabilities. Customers can easily order (and track) their Snowball Edge device directly from the Phoenix dashboard. Once ordered, AWS Snowball Edge is pre-configured with Druva’s cloud data management technology and delivered directly from AWS to the customer. Upon receiving the device, an IT administrator does not need to install any software—it is ready to go out of the box! Simply plug it in, apply backup policies and backup or restore directly to and from the device. Druva’s global deduplication technology ensures only a single copy of data is stored—ensuring maximum storage on device. This service is available to Druva Phoenix customers and Druva manages the entire process end-to-end—again, offered as-a-service.

Next Steps

No other infrastructure data protection vendors are as deeply integrated with AWS as Druva is. To find out more, check out the latest solution brief or visit: