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Celebrating Our Office Expansion

Carolyn Stroble

This is an exciting time for Druva. Following on the heels of our third round of funding in October, we’ve been hiring and expanding our team worldwide—but nowhere more so than our Sunnyvale headquarters.

While fast growth has brought many benefits, it’s also come with some consequences. Desk space started to fill up, and available conference rooms become a scarce commodity. Suddenly, our office—which had looked so large when I started at Druva a year ago—was close quarters.

Given this, and the fact that our hiring push wasn’t coming to an end anytime soon, we made plans to move to a larger office space within our same building. And last week, we made that move, to a larger space one floor up with an expansive view and a casual, open-layout, collaborative environment.

Druva office expansion

To make the space truly Druva, a lot of thought went into the layout and interior design. Tying into the meaning of the word Druva (“north star” in Hindi), our conference rooms are named after star constellations—Aquarius, Gemini, Indus, and Orion, to name a few. There is a central, open-layout kitchen, dining, and lounge area with several couches, bar-style tables, and ample counterspace for our daily-delivered lunches and Friday buffets. The Druva green brings some bright liveliness to the space, as an accent color on the walls around the conference room doors, the dividers between desks, and two vibrant green couches.

Initially, there were some issues getting the AC at the right setting and it took everyone a while to remember to wear their new keycards to get into the office, but finding available conference rooms and having breathing space at our desks is no longer an issue! The best thing about the move is that we can accommodate the new members to our team. It’s great to be part of the company as we’re growing and expanding.

We’re always looking for new talent, so if you like what you see, check out our open job opportunities . . . we’ll save a seat for you!