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Build Group Expands Use of Druva to Ensure a Swift Recovery from Potential Ransomware Infections

Mike Taylor, Content Marketing Manager

Build Group is a San Francisco-based general contractor with over 500 employees, specializing in projects ranging from residential structures to commercial buildings. With such a diverse portfolio, access to critical data is crucial for day-to-day construction activities. That's why Build Group decided to improve its backup system and turned to Druva’s 100% SaaS-based data protection.

Before Druva, Build Group had a physical on-premises backup system that required on-site hardware and dedicated backup servers in every office. IT suffered with maintaining the costly system and spent considerable time working to keep everything running. Ransomware was a major concern for the IT team and senior leadership, and without a separate offsite location for Build Group’s data, they risked losing data to potential ransomware attacks, accidental or malicious deletion, and other threats.

After researching different platforms, Build Group decided to switch to Druva in 2015. The platform provided a seamless transition from on-site backup to cloud-based protection and recovery. Its experience with Druva has been positive, and since the initial purchase, the Build Group team has expanded its Druva product suite several times through its partner, Dasher Technologies.

Build Group began with Druva’s solution for the protection of end-user devices before adding Druva for NAS and Microsoft SQL workloads. The team also picked up cloud disaster recovery for fast, one-click failover of VMs into their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Most recently, the team adopted Druva’s accelerated ransomware recovery to improve data resilience, quickly recover from ransomware, and prevent data loss.

One of the biggest benefits of using Druva is its scalability. Previously, Build Group relied on on-site physical storage through an increasingly growing number of NAS devices that required a great deal of maintenance. Moving to cloud-based scalability gave the IT team more time to focus on other efforts. Additionally, Druva's Salesforce backup solution secured all of its critical CRM data, eliminating costs associated with restoring and reducing its cyber liability insurance premium.

IT Manager Adam Kailian said, "Being able to maintain that insurance at a lower premium has delivered big savings for us." Eliminating on-site servers also helped the team cut costs, and now they receive automated email alerts if there are any issues with the backups. Otherwise, they are confident everything is running smoothly, including the Salesforce environment.

What’s Next?

Build Group's adoption of Druva as its 100% SaaS backup solution has been a significant improvement for its IT environment, providing peace of mind for the team and senior leadership. The scalability and ease of use of Druva have enabled the IT team to focus on other critical tasks, and the platform's ransomware protection has led to significant cost savings for the company. 

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