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A New Platform to Protect All Your Data is Here

Chirag Kakani

What’s in it for administrators?

The new Druva Cloud Platform comes with a completely new login experience – a unified login across all of our solutions. Plus, we have further optimised the login experience for administrators who use single sign-on (SSO). Now the login process has been divided in 2 steps, with the first step prompting you to provide your username, and the login service will verify if your organisation has enabled SSO and if so, it will redirect you to your SSO login page. The new login application is built on the latest and more reliable web frameworks.

Druva Cloud Platform

For the administrators who have been managing both inSync and Phoenix in different capacities, this makes life easier because now they don’t have to go through two different login workflows and manage different credentials. There will be a single URL and set of credentials to manage all the services, as well as any other services they might use from Druva going forward.

Druva Cloud Platform provides a single platform to monitor the entire enterprise data footprint across all data sources in your organization. You’ll now have insight into what’s going on with your data across all sources, such as how much data you’re storing and where it’s stored. Support documentation and best practices are now embedded into the Druva Cloud Platform dashboard itself. Plus, you’ll be able to stay up to date on new product features from the dashboard as well.

Our customers tell us they want actions available right at their fingertips and not multiple clicks away, and we heard this loud and clear. We’ve introduced a command palette within the Druva Cloud Platform, which will help you search for an action within services and take you directly to that action. It will also search through our knowledge base and documentation and suggest relevant articles.

One advantage of the new Druva Cloud Platform is that benefits of one service can now extend to other services. For instance, with Druva Phoenix we are adding support for geofencing, which already existed within Druva inSync.

We have also unified the administrator management within Druva Cloud Platform. This allows you to manage administrators across all services from a single place. We are also introducing a Druva cloud administrator role to simplify configuration management across services.

How do we see this change internally?

All of us at Druva are quite thrilled about this launch. Nothing satisfies us more than our customers’ happiness and we’re excited to be able to deliver on your expectations.

Launching a platform was a very bold move for us, since this meant re-architecting our solutions in a big way and doing that without jeopardizing our development plans and commitments to existing customers. We’re just getting started with Druva Cloud Platform, and are logically carving out different services from our solutions to make all of the functionalities as independent as possible. This in turn will make them more fault tolerant. This will translate into more agility, and greater speed of development.

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Yes! At Druva, we believe in it. Our fanatic user experience designers have put together a new UX library which will guide our path in the future. Our design team is obsessed about details and simplicity, continuously pushing to simplify workflows and deliver value. We have poured learnings of more than a decade to build the most optimized user experience into Druva Cloud Platform and the next generation of UX framework.

While we started, we had a vision to simplify and unify our products. We are fortunate to have the trust of our early access customers, who helped us design the next generation of Druva services. Building a platform which people love is a journey – and we are just getting started.