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MFXchange US, Inc. Cuts Time for Data Center Backup by Half After Switching from Legacy Hardware

Major provider for P&C industry advances its cloud strategy and sees rapid improvement after migrating to Druva

SUNNYVALE, California – March 30, 2020 – Druva, Inc., the leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, today announced that MFXchange US, Inc., a Quess Company and a major provider of integrated services in the property and casualty (P&C) space, has selected Druva to protect its IaaS and SaaS data, and enable its corporate cloud strategy. Combining Druva’s rapid deployment ability across the organization, worldwide availability through AWS infrastructure, and patented deduplication architecture, MFXchange US, Inc. has avoided a cost increase by almost 46 percent while doubling its backup performance compared to its previous usage of legacy on-premises hardware.

MFXchange US delivers critical services in systems integration, technology, applications, cloud migration and hosting services across the globe, and manages customer data across two data centers, more than 1,500 VMware virtual machines (VMs), SQL and Oracle databases, as well as Windows and Linux servers. However, as data volumes continuously increased, so did inefficiencies and operational costs. In turn, this impacted the ability to deliver key services to customers, limiting self-service reporting and capabilities for those outside the US. The company needed a way to improve operational efficiencies, lower internal resource demands, and enhance the overall customer experience. As the industry-leader in cloud data protection, only Druva could deliver such benefits almost immediately, breaking down silos to achieve 100 percent data visibility for clients and reducing its storage footprint by 95 percent, while completing data restores in minutes, not hours.

“We were caught in standard three-year refresh cycles for legacy hardware and software, it was just too expensive,” said William Shepard, vice president of infrastructure services, MFXchange US, Inc. “One of the greatest successes we’ve had with Druva is its simplicity. Within 60 days of deployment, we converted 1,500 VMs and physical servers to Druva and have dramatically reduced our data center footprint, and now use Druva to backup some of our clients’ remote servers.”

As early as the proof of concept (POC) the advantages were clear, when the team was able to restore a database faster from the cloud with Druva than using the existing local storage. In addition to improving performance, with Druva’s SaaS platform and consumption based pricing model MFXchange US, Inc. has eliminated wasted resources and improved workforce productivity. Lastly, leveraging Druva’s powerful cloud platform, the company is now exploring ways to deliver disaster recovery-as-a-service to its clients, opening up promising new business opportunities with confidence.

“For companies like MFXchange US, Inc. which are relied on by thousands of global companies, IT requires a platform that can easily scale on-demand, deliver the same customer experience no matter their location, and always be available,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO and founder of Druva. “With Druva, IT teams can immediately get up and running and start realizing cost savings due to the SaaS-based nature of our technology. It’s a game changer for data protection.”

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