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In response to the coronavirus outbreak, your employees are working remotely, using collaboration platforms to maintain productivity. We’re here to help you protect end-user data and SaaS applications so you can remain compliant and in control.

Strengthen your business resilience

Take advantage of six months free protection and safeguard corporate data within minutes from internal and external threats such as accidental deletion, regulatory non-compliance and ransomware.

We rely on Office 365 for critical corporate data and projects. With Druva our data is protected, accessible and scales with our business. Key management functions are performed with just a few clicks, saving time and making compliance easier.

Peter Webber, Director of IT Operations
at Workforce Software


Data loss prevention

Combine SaaS applications and endpoint backups to protect data wherever it lives, even if deleted accidentally from human error.

Minimize data theft

Persistent anomaly monitoring and pre-emptive alerting keeps IT informed of potential data risks. Remotely wipe end user devices when lost or stolen without an internet connection.

Maintain compliance

Integrated backup, eDiscovery and compliance monitoring proactively tracks and analyzes endpoint data on IT’s behalf.

How we help

We are here to help you stay resilient, protected, and compliant while allowing employees to work remotely and maintain productivity. We are providing 6 months of endpoint and Office 365 protection for free to get you started.

How to keep your data safe in uncertain times

“How to keep your data safe in uncertain times”

  • Invitation email links to account activation
  • Create user and device profiles; set passwords
  • Configure encryption key for backups
  • Define profile specifying Office 365 backup settings
  • Import users or groups via CSV file

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Protect your business today