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Egan Replaces Veeam with Druva to Save More Than 50 Percent Time and Effort

Construction firm makes a switch to simplify data protection, reduce complexity and improve restore performance

SUNNYVALE, California ‒ March 19, 2019 ‒ Druva, Inc., the leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced that Egan Company, a leading specialty contractor based in Minnesota with more than 1,100 employees, has selected Druva Phoenix to seamlessly manage enterprise data for its growing organization. Druva’s unique cloud-native architecture enabled the firm to deploy within minutes, seamlessly manage data files and hundreds of virtual machines at sites across the state, and reduce data management process times by more than 50 percent.

Modern commercial construction requires massive amounts of data, and depend on terabyte-size computer aided designed (CAD) files. While traditional construction moves sequentially one step at a time, modern projects move faster based on customer needs, resource availability and tightening deadlines. Egan found success in this new model requires precise resource planning and reliable data sets that are protected, backed up, and immediately restorable. Only Druva’s all-in-one solution was able to meet Egan’s needs and complex IT environment, including high-performance restores, rapidly scalable backup, disaster recovery, archival ability, and analytics to simplify data protection – all delivered as-a-service.

“The velocity of our business continues to accelerate, and if the right data isn’t there to avoid collisions and confusion on the job site, all work grinds to a halt,” said Jim Nonn, CIO, Egan. “From the start, Druva’s ability to backup data directly to the cloud and rapid restore performance exceeded our expectations compared to Veeam. Druva’s architecture is perfect for our virtualized environment and puts us in an ideal position as our business continues to expand.”

As a company that is 100 percent virtualized, Egan was able to quickly deploy Druva Phoenix, a data protection and management solution designed for enterprise workloads with a unique cloud-first approach. Egan then quickly saw the benefits of this cloud-native solution, including reduced risk and cost, increased reliability, and savings of more than 30 hours a month for maintenance and storage management of the firm’s environment. With the successful deployment completed, Egan is already exploring future projects in the cloud, including running virtual machines in the cloud for disaster recovery and running their environments in the cloud day-to-day.

"We’re helping customers realize the promise of cloud through our solutions,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva. “Customers like Egan can now manage and protect their data from any source, including data centers, SaaS applications, cloud workloads or user devices, regardless of volume or location; all without impacting response time and reducing TCO. Egan never has to worry about where the data is, or how quickly they can restore it.”

Druva Phoenix is available as part of the Druva Cloud Platform, which provides a single pane for data management and protection across cloud and on-premises data sources — improving data resiliency, visibility and alignment to data governance needs. By providing a common services layer, the Druva Cloud Platform unifies Druva Phoenix, Druva CloudRanger, and Druva inSync so organizations can consistently apply data policies, monitor their data at the global level, recover from site disasters and data loss and better manage the data lifecycle across environments. The platform readily scales to accommodate petabytes of data due to its AWS native architecture and enables customers to take control of their most critical data stored across end-point devices, in the data center, and with SaaS services.

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