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Customer Spotlight: Egan Company

Egan Company has fulfilled a cloud-first policy by becoming 100 percent virtualized and by using as-a-service apps almost exclusively. This three-part Q&A blog series explores why they set a cloud-first goal, how they got there, and why they’ve embraced Druva as their cloud service provider for data management.

A specialty building contractor based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Egan Company has a long history—since 1903—of quickly adapting to new technologies. It started as a small pipefitting shop and today needs almost 100 VMs just to handle its data. We recently talked to Egan’s CIO Jim Nonn, who joined the company 20 years ago, and Andy Blomquist, IT Systems and Support Manager, who’s been with the company for almost 15 years.

Q: You don’t usually think of construction companies as being quick to adopt the latest computing trends. When did you start seeing the cloud as a clear goal?

JN: Computers are just tools like hammers and saws. Construction guys love tools, and considering the huge amount of data that goes into just about any construction project, it shouldn’t surprise you that a smart construction company is at the cutting edge of computer technology.

AB: I’m not sure if I can see the cloud as a chop saw, but I think we saw the benefits of virtualization and the cloud early on. I think the early success of our VMware deployment broke down a lot of barriers internally, and when you combine virtualization and high-speed networks, you’ve got cloud solutions, and eventually really important cloud solutions like Druva’s cloud platform.  

Q: What’s your current infrastructure look like?

JN: We support three to four hundred Chromebooks and just as many virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) clients with nearly 100 VMs. We try to avoid any Windows machines, there’s just too many questions with security, agility, and maintenance. We’ve also used AWS and other cloud service providers over the years.

Q: How critical is data management and protection to your organization?

AB: You have no idea how much data we manage –  we’re dealing with terabytes of CAD files alone. We’re also managing really complex planning with huge supply chains. If any of that data gets screwed up, or if a construction project slows down because materials aren’t there or contractors weren’t scheduled right—let’s just say that having the right data protection saves us a fortune.

The second blog in this series goes deeper into Egan’s cloud strategy and how they’ve deployed Druva Phoenix for server backups and restores.

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