Endpoint backup

Comprehensive endpoint backup

Protect your remote workforce from accidental or malicious data loss

Data loss and ransomware threats impact the productivity of your local and remote workforce, and protecting geographically dispersed endpoint devices needs a reliable endpoint backup solution.

Why endpoint backup?

What makes Druva different

Unlike file sync & share services that leave data exposed to accidental deletion, ransomware, corruption and device loss / theft, Druva provides a secure, immutable endpoint backup solution so you can always recover end user data.

Your data is never lost

Endpoint backups are isolated, immutable copies to protect from file deletion, corruption and ransomware attacks, with flexible recovery options to get back online fast.

Protect your workforce, anytime, anywhere

Your endpoint devices are protected, whether in the office or on the road, and IT admins have the flexibility to remotely manage backup and restore from the online management console.

Your data is your best defense

Endpoint backup data can be leveraged to reduce the cost and time needed for managing eDiscovery and regulatory compliance requirements.

Your benefits

Druva gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your mobile endpoint data is secure and your business is protected.

Druva’s cloud-based solution gives our researchers the data availability and reliability our teams demand 24x7x365 wherever they are in the world.

Perry Kollmorgen, IT manager,
Queensland Brain Institute

  • Endpoint backup for all end user data
  • Remotely wipe or encrypt data on lost or stolen devices
  • Rapidly recover entire device from snapshot
  • Data isolation protects backup from ransomware
  • Anomaly detection provides early ransomware warning
  • Flexible recovery options including IT-led bulk recovery
  • Unlimited data retention and point in time recovery
  • Backup copies are protected from data deletion
  • Recover data from stolen devices and remote-wipe to prevent leaks
  • Detect and recover from malicious data deletions
  • Preserve departing employee data for eDiscovery compliance
  • Unlimited data retention so data is never lost
  • Automated backups ensures data is protected
  • Flexible and granular data recovery options
  • Federated metadata search enables security investigations
  • Automatically manage legal hold requests
  • Pre-cull data to accelerate eDiscovery activities
  • Preserve departing employee data without retaining hardware
  • Proactively detect compliance violations 
  • Act on compliance violations with defensible deletion
  • Maintain compliance with GDPR and CCPA

Solution features

Druva endpoint backup gives you the powerful tools and features you need to protect your end user devices and data.

How it works

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