Platform: SaaS Applications

Back Up Your SaaS Application Data

One-click setup. SaaS backup with 360° visibility and control over critical data.

SaaS applications don’t backup your data like Druva inSync™

Backup, archival, and compliance for cloud workloads. Simplify SaaS backup solutions for cloud data protection, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility for your critical online data.

Cloud Productivity

Microsoft 365 | G-Suite | Slack



Protect Your Corporate Data Anytime, Anywhere

Combine endpoint and SaaS data protection to safeguard all your end-user data where it lives. Simplifies unified search, compliance and e-discovery.

Secure SaaS Backup, Archival & Compliance

Secure, centralized cloud platform ensures compliance and protects against SaaS data loss.

Delivered “As-a-Service”, Built on AWS

Deploy in 15 minutes with unlimited on-demand scaling.  Recover SaaS data within minutes.

Data protection and management for SaaS applications

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Built on the Druva Cloud File System, AI-powered metadata engine, microservices-based processing, API-first, and a Zero Trust security model.

SaaS Apps

Comprehensive, granular and point-in-time data protection and governance across popular SaaS applications

Public Cloud

Simple, scalable and, centralized data protection and DR for modern, multi-cloud workloads

Data Centers

All-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and archival for on-premises and hybrid datacenter workloads


Simplified and cost effective data protection and governance for end user data and devices

Data Protection

Backup & Restore | Disaster Recovery

Simple, scalable and secure cloud-native data protection and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Resiliency

Protect | Detect | Respond | Recover

Defense-in-depth, zero-trust security and accelerated ransomware recovery

Data Governance

Archival | Compliance | eDiscovery

Automated eDiscovery, sensitive data governance and compliance monitoring

Data Intelligence

Machine Learning & Analytics

Machine Learning and predictive insights across 100+ data points to solve complex data resilience issues

Key Features

Automated SaaS Backup

  • Cloud-to-cloud integrated backup
  • Global source-side deduplication
  • Long term archiving of end user data
  • Incremental forever backup model


One-click SaaS Integration

  • Microsoft 365: OneDrive, Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams
  • G-suite: Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail
  • Salesforce production and sandbox protection

Information Governance

  • Federated search across all backup data
  • eDiscovery enablement
  • Automated & proactive compliance monitoring
  • Ransomware protection and recovery


Secure Cloud Data Protection

  • Customer-only access to customer data
  • 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest
  • TLS 1.2 encryption for data in transit
  • No key management required
  • Certs: SOC-2 Type-II, HIPAA, Privacy Shield
  • FedRAMP Authorized



  • Cloud-based centralized management
  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Single sign-on support (ADFS, Okta)


How it Works

Automated compliance monitoring and management enables IT to quickly identify and remediate potential risks to at-rest sensitive data (PHI, PII, PCI).

Federated (metadata) search enables IT to quickly locate files across all users, devices, and storage locations.

Legal hold management enables data to be preserved, maintaining chain of custody until it’s processed and analyzed in an eDiscovery platform.

Remote cloud backup protects against outages and account hacks, while unusual data activity monitoring provides early malware detection.

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