Free Ransowmare Recovery Assessment

Have what it takes to recover from ransomware?

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Enterprise Ransomware Recovery Assessment

How likely do you think it is that your organization will be targeted with ransomware this year?

Which best describes your primary backup solution infrastructure?

Which workloads are most critical for you to protect against ransomware? (check all that apply)

What are your top priorities when it comes to ransomware recovery? (Pick up to 3)

How confident are you in your ability to meet your RTO & RPO objectives in the event of a ransomware attack?

What steps have you taken to prepare for recovery from ransomware? (check all that apply)

During recovery from ransomware, my organization has the ability to: (check all that apply)

What level of orchestration and automation do you have for ransomware response and recovery processes? (e.g. Can your system perform actions like quarantining affected resources, or performing recovery scans without IT intervention?)

My backups are secured with: (check all that apply)

Does your organization conduct penetration tests and vulnerability assessments on your backup infrastructure?

Does your organization have threat detection and alerting tools implemented for your backup environment and data (e.g. to detect compromised admins or data sets)?

Can you determine which backups have encrypted or corrupted data once you discover an attack? (i.e. audit logs)

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