Free Ransomware Recovery Assessment

Your risk assessment:

It’s clear you’ve thought about ransomware risks and have taken steps to ensure you can recover from an attack, but there’s still more you can do. We know that dealing with the aftermath can be complicated and expensive. A breach is never an isolated cybersecurity problem; it is an everyone problem. The good news is IT and InfoSec teams that understand this and take action accordingly are in a better position to recover successfully.


Your Rating

Organizations that receive a “fair” rating may have some gaps in their security infrastructure or may not be backing up all of their business-critical data. Beyond implementing stronger security measures in your primary environment, the best defense against ransomware is a strong backup solution that ensures you always have clean data to recover from after an attack. This rating indicates you have thought about the risks, but should do more to ensure a quick recovery.

Ransomware Recovery Readiness

There is no foolproof plan to stop attackers, and we see ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting backups. Druva’s cloud data protection and defense-in-depth security are paired with workflow orchestration and recovery automation tools to improve response time, prevent reinfection, and reduce data loss. Druva’s SaaS solution delivers 24×7 fully-managed security operations.

Stop threats to backups with a zero-trust architecture, immutable backups, and built-in security and observability across users, data, and activity.

Druva Resiliency Cloud

Druva bridges the gap between security and backup by improving data observability and offers an integrated approach to faster and more secure ransomware recovery.

With an approach that is radically simple, Druva’s solution has: 

  • Zero complexity: No backup hardware, no software, no appliances. Just 100% SaaS.

  • Unified services: Manage all your applications, services, security, and reporting from a single console.

  • Automation: Automate backup, disaster recovery, security, and compliance for true simplicity.