Global deduplication

Global deduplication you won’t find anywhere else

Patented source deduplication optimizes storage capacity, improves network performance and accelerates data backup

Global deduplication that's different

Higher deduplication ratios

Direct data view eliminates proprietary backup formats

Eliminate multiple copies

First full backup, then block-level incrementals

Faster deduplication lookups

64K or 1 Mbyte chunks equal smaller dedupe index

Storage economization

Chunks stored as discrete Amazon S3 objects

Simplifies maintenance

Discrete objects simplify capacity maintenance (aka garbage collection)

Cost-efficient retention

Automatic tiering to Amazon Glacier for long- term storage

Deduplication done right with Druva

Your business benefits from global data deduplication


  • Smaller amounts of data chunks sent over network
  • Sustain network performance and reliability


  • Dedupe only new or modified copies of data
  • Infinite hashtable capacity delivers faster backup and disaster recovery

Cost efficiency

  • Higher storage utilization optimizes existing storage
  • Eliminates data deduplication appliances & software


  • Eliminates data deduplication silos &
  • management challenges
  • Protect & manage with easy to use, centralized console
Excellent backup and deduplication software!

Ben Coppard, IT Manager
Pancreatic Cancer UK

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