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Eliminate your AWS Backup gaps

Protect your AWS environment from data loss or downtime

It's time to fill in the gaps — enterprise-scale AWS backup

Druva is the only 100%-cloud solution that combines snapshots, backup, and DR at enterprise scale. Simplify snapshot orchestration, reduce TCO by up to 50%, and protect against ransomware with secure, air-gapped backups.

AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service


AWS Databases

RDS | Aurora | DynamoDB | Redshift | DocumentDB | Neptune

Cloud Hosted Databases

MySQL | PostgreSQL | Oracle | MS SQL Server | MariaDB | NoSQL

Globally accessible AWS data protection

Enterprise-level AWS backup and disaster recovery, with data flexibility across AWS regions and accounts for simplified workload mobility.

Enterprise-ready AWS backup delivered “as-a-Service”

Protect your data with a self-managed SaaS solution designed for infinite scale, security, and flexibility - No servers, patching, or updates required!

Optimize your AWS storage costs

Archive snapshots to the lower-cost EBS Snapshots Archive tier, and reduce your TCO by eliminating unnecessary snapshot copies.

AWS data protection datasheet

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Built on the Druva Cloud File System, AI-powered metadata engine, microservices-based processing, API-first, and a Zero Trust security model.

SaaS Apps

Comprehensive, granular and point-in-time data protection and governance across popular SaaS applications

Public Cloud

Simple, scalable and, centralized data protection and DR for modern, multi-cloud workloads

Data Centers

All-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and archival for on-premises and hybrid datacenter workloads


Simplified and cost effective data protection and governance for end user data and devices

Data Protection

Backup & Restore | Disaster Recovery

Simple, scalable and secure cloud-native data protection and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Resiliency

Protect | Detect | Respond | Recover

Defense-in-depth, zero-trust security and accelerated ransomware recovery

Data Governance

Archival | Compliance | eDiscovery

Automated eDiscovery, sensitive data governance and compliance monitoring

Data Intelligence

Machine Learning & Analytics

Machine Learning and predictive insights across 100+ data points to solve complex data resilience issues

Key Features

AWS Backup and Recovery

  • Flexible, global policies, and schedules
  • Backup and recover volumes and instances
  • Backup lift-and-shift DBs (Oracle, SQL)
  • Cross-region and cross-account snapshots 
  • Application-consistent snapshots
  • Instant, granular recovery at file-level

AWS Cyber Resilience

  • Secure, air-gapped backup
  • Enable Data Lock on retention
  • Manual deletion prevention
  • Amazon EBS recycle bin integration
  • Encrypts data in-flight and at rest (AES-256)

Cost Optimization

  • Lower TCO by up to 50% 
  • No egress charges for backup to Druva Cloud
  • Source-side, global deduplication
  • Archive to EBS Snapshots Archive tier
  • Resource scheduling for EC2 and RDS
  • Eliminate the need for IT resources

AWS Disaster Recovery

  • Fast one-click restore from any outage
  • Cross-region and cross-account recovery
  • Configure and schedule custom DR plans
  • Clone VPCs, subnets and security groups
  • Automated DR plan testing
  • DR compliance reporting
  • Validate RTO and RPO requirements

Metadata-based File Search

  • Index snapshots for search
  • Granular recovery of specific files
  • Search file systems of snapshots
  • Search across  multiple AWS regions
  • Find files in a specific time frame

Governance & Compliance

  • Complete data lifecycle management
  • Role based access control (IAM)
  • All AWS GovCloud regions supported
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Cross-account reporting

On-boarding and Management

  • Designed for multi-tenancy and IAM support
  • Easy install with CloudFormation 
  • AWS Control Tower integration
  • CLI & RESTful API for custom integration
  • SSO and MFA authentication
  • 24/7 technical support for paid plans

How it Works

100% SaaS solution that leverages AWS snapshot technology to utilize native APIs and microservices for scale, efficiency, and flexibility.

Ensure you are always protected from cyber threats and ransomware with secure, air-gapped backups stored in the Druva Cloud.

Easily restore to any point in time — rapidly recover from accidental deletion, outages, and ransomware attacks

One-click disaster recovery allows organizations to clone VPCs and their configurations, and quickly recover across AWS regions and accounts.

Automatically archive snapshots to the lower-cost EBS Snapshots Archive tier for long-term retention and schedule automated reports for compliance.

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