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The Druva Professional Services team ensures that your organization has first-hand access to our rich expertise during the design and deployment of the solution in order to fully leverage proven best practices from start to finish. While delivering solutions tailored specifically to your organization, we are able to dramatically accelerate your deployment efforts and reduce the workload on your internal IT staff, allowing them to focus on projects that require their unique talents and experience.

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Additional Services

Custom Solutions

We can provide custom services using a statement of work to meet your needs and build a comprehensive plan to meet your business objectives. From understanding your infrastructure, making customized recommendations, to outlining a deployment strategy, our team will work with you to design a plan that is tailored to meet your requirements.


  • Customize Druva solutions to your needs
  • Benefit from consultation by subject-matter experts
  • Streamline the planning process
  • Get a faster return on your investment

Health-Check Services

Druva’s health-check services provide the auditing and compliance benefits you require. We identify any potential issues and recommend best practices intended to maintain problem-free, optimal performance. With these services, you can gain peace of mind that your Druva solutions are providing the availability and governance of business-critical data you need to protect your organization’s information in the cloud.


  • Review and assess your Druva environment
  • Get detailed health-check documentation that includes findings and recommendations, which will be reviewed with your team
  • Focus on ensuring you are getting the most value from your Druva solutions

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