The Druva Hardware Buyback Program

Retire Legacy Hardware. Transform to SaaS-based Data Protection.

The Druva Hardware Buyback Program gives you an easy way to retire older hardware, improve investment ROI, and transform your data protection strategy.

Accelerate Modern Technology Adoption While Improving ROI

Legacy hardware can be a hurdle as you seek to adopt new cloud and SaaS-based solutions. The Druva Hardware Buyback Program is designed to provide you with a simple and efficient path to modern technology adoption so that you can:

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Modernize data protection in the cloud

Replace older equipment in favor of the modern SaaS-based Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.


Lower your total cost of ownership up to 50%

Reduce or eliminate data center, hardware, software, and management costs associated with legacy solutions.


Leverage the latest in data protection innovation

Benefit from SaaS-based security and protection efficiency, and real-time updates managed by Druva.


Build a scalable foundation for the future

Take advantage of a SaaS-based platform designed from the ground up to scale with your business, and evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow.


Increase ROI of your existing investment

Control when and how you retire older equipment and get the highest ROI for your existing investment.


The Druva Hardware Buyback Program Has a Simple Three-step Process


Tell us about your hardware


Our team will follow up with you for next steps


If your hardware is eligible for buyback, we'll share a proposal with you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Druva Hardware Buyback Program?

Druva has entered into an agreement with Sprout, Inc. to offer a hardware buyback opportunity for customers, in conjunction with a Druva purchase. Sprout is an IT asset lifecycle management company focused on secure, sustainable solutions leveraging thousands of global security personnel, trained technicians, and refurbished hardware distributors. The company focuses on the following solutions: Certified destruction, IT asset disposition, lifecycle optimization, and responsible recycling.

Where is the Druva Hardware Buyback Program available?

The Druva Hardware Buyback Program is initially available in North America.

What types of hardware (e.g., storage, compute, network) are eligible for the Druva Hardware Buyback Program?

There are no specific hardware or system specifications. Sprout evaluates compute, networking, and storage equipment on a case-by-case basis and based on market demand.

Is there an age limit on the hardware that is eligible?

No, however hardware is evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on market demand.

Which Druva products are eligible for the Druva Hardware Buyback Program?

All Druva products are eligible.

If my hardware is eligible, who manages the transaction?

The request is managed by Druva, however payment, title transfer, and logistical details of the Druva Hardware Buyback Program will be managed by Sprout.

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