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Jaspreet Singh, CEO and Founder, Druva

Unmasking the Big Business of Ransomware Extortion, Data Theft, and Disruption

Sean Roche, Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA Digital Innovation

Classic ransomware thuggery has significantly evolved as high-profile events have caught the attention of more sophisticated and well-funded malevolent actors. Sean Roche, Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA Digital Innovation, will explain how ransomware extortion, data theft, and disruption are becoming large businesses and how this impacts your data security.

The Art of Ransomware Readiness in the Age of AI

Lance James, Ethical Hacker and CEO of Unit 221B

Lance James, a renowned cybersecurity practitioner with extensive experience in cracking ransomware and providing assistance for ransomware recovery, will discuss what the age of AI and chatbots means for ransomware. He will share practical tips to improve your readiness and ability to recover your organization's data.

The Present and Future State of Ransomware Readiness and Recovery

Badri Raghunathan, Director of Security Product Management, Druva

As the largest, most mature SaaS data protection provider in the market, Druva sees more telemetry than any other data protection player. Learn how real-life ransomware incidents inform our product strategy and roadmap, and help secure customer data. This session will cover updates to our security portfolio for attack readiness and ransomware recovery.

Showcasing Real-World Impact: Product Demo

Will Urban, Technical Marketing Manager, Druva

What happens when ransomware strikes, and your last line of defense is to recover from backup? In this short solution demonstration you will see how the Accelerated Ransomware Recovery solution from Druva provides visibility into your backup security posture, insight into anomalous data changes in your backups, and a curated and scanned recovery to restore clean and last known good versions of all the impacted data.

Cloud - The Emerging Choice for Data Security

Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud computing has become the dominant computing model, leading to tremendous innovation along the way. In this presentation, Cloud Security Alliance CEO, Jim Reavis, explains how cloud's architecture, adoption, and essential characteristics have allowed it to become the better choice for cybersecurity imperatives, including resilience, response, and recovery.

Ransomware Recovery Strategies for the Real World

Jason Cradit, CIO and CTO, Summit Carbon Solutions
Tim Miller, IT Infrastructure Director, Pitney Bowes
Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer

Hear from a panel of IT leaders on their recovery readiness strategies. Learn what keeps them up at night, how they have improved data security, and what they would do differently to prepare for the next time.

Closing Remarks

Yogesh Badwe, Chief Security Officer, Druva