Data Resilience

Virtual Summit 2022


92% of enterprises are considering a multi-cloud strategy for their digital transformation1.

Organizations are moving to multiple cloud environments, leveraging both public cloud infrastructure, as well as SaaS applications. This has created gaps in data visibility, protection, and security due to disparate, complex environments.

Data sprawl and unmanaged data growth is increasing the risk of data loss and cyber attacks. Whether protecting cloud-native, lift and shift, or SaaS applications, organizations need an easier way to manage, protect, and secure data wherever it lives.

Join us for Druva’s 2022 Multi-Cloud Data Resilience Virtual Summit to learn best practices from experts and industry leaders.

  • Best practices for protecting globally-distributed, diverse data sets across multi-cloud deployments – public cloud and SaaS applications.
  • How you can boost data security and resilience while delivering cost-efficiency and eliminate sprawl.
  • Successful strategies that will future proof your multi-cloud journey through 2022 and beyond.
  • More about new Druva innovations that span data protection, cost efficiency and cyber resilience.

Explore new ideas and innovation so you can start gaining key business outcomes today.

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1 According to Flexera, Flexera Cloud Computing Trends: 2021 State of the Cloud Report. Published 9 March 2021

Benefit from SaaS simplicity and scalability

Druva offers the first and only at-scale SaaS platform that advances cyber, data, and operational resilience for public cloud and SaaS applications without any hardware, software, or associated complexity.

Gain global visibility, and eliminate backup data silos

With today's IT organizations generating enormous amounts of data across many applications, locations, and clouds, administrators struggle to avoid creating data silos. Take control of your data, eliminate management silos, and centralize your data resilience with a single, unified console.

Deliver cost efficiency

Ensure a true cloud-native experience with SaaS simplicity, on-demand scale, radical storage efficiency through global deduplication, and automated cloud archiving to cold storage. Remove all complexity and admin overheads for installing, patching, maintenance, and upgrades.

Enhanced security

Gain better control and centralized visibility into data security threats and compliance risks, across all cloud environments. Built-in multi-layer defense, zero-trust security architecture, and air-gapped backups ensure you always have safe, unencrypted data to recover.



Jaspreet Singh
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,


Stephen Manely
Chief Technology Officer,


Henry Axelrod
Principal Storage Solutions Architect,


Mark Nijmeijer
Sr. Director of Product Management,


Tiffany Tucker
VP of Security & Technical Services,
Collaborative Solutions


Robert Lyons
Chief Technology Officer,
Katz Media


Christophe Bertrand
Sr Director,


Silas Simon
Sr. Director of Growth


Anjan Srinivas
VP of Products,


Brian Hunt
VP of Global Sales Engineering,


W. Curtis Preston
Chief Evangelist,


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Welcome and Introduction

Stephen Manley, CTO, Druva

Your organization faces unprecedented challenges storing and managing data. Not only must you handle larger volumes of data, but you must also work with different types of data that’s distributed across multiple clouds. Join Druva CTO Stephen Manley as he introduces the experts and strategies that will help you keep your cloud data resilient, wherever it lives.


Industry Trends and State of Market

Christophe Bertrand, Sr Director, ESG

Get expert insights straight from the source: ESG’s Senior Director, Christophe Bertrand. Christophe will highlight research on the evolving cloud data protection landscape and talk about how downtime is now a business problem – not just an IT problem. He’ll also share his perspective on key considerations when evaluating, selecting or using a cloud data resilience solution.


3 Steps for Navigating a Successful Cloud Journey

Stephen Manley, CTO, Druva;
Anjan Srinivas, VP Products, Druva

Every organization is adopting a multi-cloud vision—and struggling to translate it into reality. Which workloads should run in which cloud? When should you lift and shift, or adopt cloud native applications? Join Druva experts as they provide real-world best practices to ensure your cloud environments are protected, compliant and secure.


Bringing More Data Resilience to Public Cloud: A Blueprint for Success

Henry Axelrod, Principal Storage Solutions Architect, AWS;
Stephen Manley, CTO, Druva

Join Druva CTO Stephen Manley, and AWS, as they discuss how the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) can help your organization create an actionable blueprint for success to guide your path to cloud adoption. We’ll also talk about how customers can achieve the best results by combining deep AWS expertise and trusted technology partners like Druva.


Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud

Anjan Srinivas VP Products, Druva;
Mark Nijmeijer, Sr. Director of Product Management, Nutanix

Building a cloud adoption strategy brings flexibility and agility to your organization, enabling you to adapt quickly to changing priorities and while optimizing costs. Druva VP of Products, Anjan Srinivas will be joined by Mark Nijmeijer, Sr. Director of Product Management, from industry giants Nutanix, as we discuss how to accelerate digital transformation through cloud.


Closing the Gaps in Data Protection for SaaS Applications

Tiffany Tucker, VP of Security & Technical Services, Collaborative Solutions;
Silas Simon Sr. Director, Druva;
Brian Hunt, VP of Global Sales Engineering, Druva

Understanding and acknowledging that your SaaS applications aren’t fully protected is the first step to improving your data protection strategy. Join Druva experts and customers as we address the data protection and governance gaps that have occured from the meteoric rise of SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 during the pandemic.


Solving the Backup Challenges of a Cloud-First World

W. Curtis Preston, Chief Evangelist, Druva

Cloud data resilience is constantly evolving, but Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh is ready for whatever the future may bring. Join him for a forward-looking session on the evolution of multi-cloud data resilience and upcoming innovations from Druva, and how your company and customers can benefit from them.


Looking Ahead: Customer Perspective and Closing Remarks

Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva;
Robert Lyons, Chief Technology Officer, Katz Media

Join Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh as he addresses the future of digital transformation, and how organizations are seeking easier ways to enable cyber, data and operational resilience, no matter where the data lives. Jaspreet will be joined by Katz Media CTO, Robert Lyons to discuss their own cloud journey, and the challenges they overcame to maintain data and operational resilience with limitless scale.


Companies trust Druva to accelerate and protect multi-cloud deployments

“We wanted to simplify our backup and recovery implementation, and move towards a subscription-based model that would scale when needed.”

Robert Lyons, CTO




“Thanks to the visibility Druva offers relating to all backups — VMs, physical file servers, Oracle and SQL databases, and EC2 instances — we were able to cut our backups in half, and, leveraging Druva’s solution for Oracle, achieve a four times reduction in EBS storage consumption”

Timothy Loranger, Cloud Infrastructure Services Leader

Accelerate and protect multi-cloud deployments


Druva offers the first, at-scale SaaS platform that simplifies data resilience for multi-cloud environments. Through a single control pane, seamlessly manage globally distributed and diverse data sets across public cloud and SaaS applications, to deliver cost-efficiency, enhance security, and eliminate sprawl.

Ready to revolutionize your data resilience in the cloud?