October 27, 2022
Levi's Stadium,
Santa Clara, CA

Join us!

We’re excited to bring you the premier data resiliency event of 2022! The Druva illuminate22 Data Resiliency Roadshow is an exclusive live, half-day event with Druva executives, industry leaders, influencers, analysts, and partners who are at the forefront of the data resiliency movement.

11:30 am Registration & Lunch
12:30 pm Druva illuminate22 Sessions Begin
3:10 pm Ransomware Fire Drill Workshop
4:30 pm Cocktail reception

Register and automatically enter into a drawing to win 2 tickets to a San Francisco 49ers game of your choice this 2022 season! Must be in attendance to win.

Attend Druva illuminate22 Data Resilience Roadshow to:

  • Learn first-hand how to build data resiliency at your organization with insights from Druva customers, including the CIO of Rosendin Electric, the VP of Technology Architecture & Innovation from Maximus, and an IT Systems & Applications Administrator from Medallia.
  • Learn proven data resiliency strategies from leaders at Arrow, AWS, and Dell. 
  • Accelerate your SaaS and cloud strategy with actionable advice from technology experts, including David Linthicum, Industry Expert – Cloud and Cyber Security, Deloitte/Linthicum Research.
  •  Discover the future of data resiliency – from vision to strategy to roadmap –  from Druva leaders, including Jaspreet Singh (Founder and CEO), Stephen Manley (CTO), and Anjan Srinivas (VP Product).
  • Discover solutions and strategies to eliminate cyber threats, while ensuring compliance, cost efficiency, and global availability.
Creating a Data Resilient World

Jaspreet Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Druva
Matt Lamb, CIO, Rosendin Electric

The last few years have changed our world dramatically. As organizations accelerate new business initiatives, ransomware and other data loss events are growing more frequent and having a bigger impact. Join Matt Lamb, CIO at Rosendin Electric, alongside Druva CEO, Jaspreet Singh, to understand the macro trends in IT, the most common data risks, and how to future-proof your business by adopting a data resiliency strategy. Matt Lamb will share highlights and learnings from Rosendin Electric’s journey to data resiliency.

From Druva’s Vision to Your Advantage

Albert Uy, VP, Technology Architecture & Innovation, Maximus
Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer, Druva

How to establish a data resilience foundation that can scale and evolve to future proof your data protection strategy? Join CTO Stephen Manley to learn about the future of Data Resiliency, including autonomous protection, post-quantum data security, and multi-cloud data ecosystems. Then, hear Albert Uy, VP of Technology Architecture & Performance Engineering at Maximus, discuss how Maximus is using Druva to protect their critical data today, while laying the foundation for the future.

How Druva’s SaaS-advantage Reduces Your Business Risk

Anjan Srinivas, Vice President, Product Management, Druva

Join Anjan Srinivas, VP and GM, Product, as he demonstrates the latest Druva solutions, capabilities, and functionality designed to reduce your data protection risks and costs.

5 Things You May Not Know About Druva

Keith Joelner, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Protecting data wherever it is stored, evolving to meet ever-changing cybersecurity challenges, adding support for new applications and environments – how does Druva do it? Learn how customers can benefit when Druva’s innovation is paired with the scalability, reliability, security, and cost efficiency of AWS.

With You from Day Zero - Stories of Success with Druva Global Customer Services

Vinnie Chhabra, IT Systems & Applications Administrator, Medallia
Matt Lindeman, Chief Customer Officer, Druva

One of the most critical aspects of the customer experience is the support journey. From before the product is purchased - day zero - to your tenth renewal, Druva Global Customer Services is your partner in data protection every step of the way. During this session, our Chief Customer Officer, Matt Lindeman will share stories of data protection transformation, data security and recovery, and best practices from our own customer support archives.

Safeguard Your Data in the Multi-Cloud Era

Paul Mitchell, Field CTO, Dell Technologies

Experience simple, scalable data protection as-a-service with Dell APEX Backup Services, powered by Druva.

Leveraging the Benefits of SaaS-based Data Protection

David Linthicum, Industry Expert - Cloud and Cyber Security, Deloitte/Linthicum Research

Five Years Out: The Future of Data Protection at Scale

Jeramey James, Director, ArrowSphere, North America, Arrow

Change is the only constant within the IT landscape, especially when it comes to cyber security and data protection. With Arrow’s vision of “Five Years Out,” we are helping partners and their customers stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing and shifting market opportunities. Join us as we share best practices for real-world implementation of data protection at scale. Discover how to de-risk your business and deliver resilient data protection solutions working with Arrow.

Ransomware Fire Drill Workshop

Walkthrough by Cyber Defense Expert

This expert-led walkthrough of a ransomware attack takes you step-by-step from incursion through incident response and recovery. Discover gaps in the traditional recovery process and develop a blueprint for your ransomware readiness and recovery playbook.



Albert Uy

VP, Technology Architecture & Innovation


Matt Lamb

Rosendin Electric


Vinnie Chhabra

IT Systems & Applications Administrator


David Linthicum

Industry Expert -
Cloud and Cyber Security
Deloitte Consulting/
Linthicum Research


Jaspreet Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Stephen Manley

Chief Technology Officer


Anjan Srinivas

Vice President and GM, Product


Matt Lindeman

Chief Customer Officer


Robert Brower

Sr. Vice President, Global Partners and Alliances


Paul Mitchell

Field CTO
Dell Technologies


Keith Joelner

Senior Solutions Architect


Jeramey James

Director, ArrowSphere, North America