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UmbraGroup’s Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion locations replace Veritas Backup Exec with Druva

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Deduplication storage savings achieved with Druva Phoenix


Less time spent managing backups across two locations

About Umbra Cuscinetti, Inc and Linear Motion LLC

Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion LLC are US-based subsidiaries of UMBRAGROUP, a cutting-edge manufacturing company in the aeronautics and industrial sectors that was founded in Italy in 1972. The acquisition of Umbra Cuscinetti in 1999 and Linear Motion in 2018 by UMBRAGROUP has allowed for global expansion to a worldwide market and enabled the company to extend its involvement in advanced aerospace, defense, and industrial supply chains. With locations in Everett, Washington and Saginaw, Michigan, UMBRAGROUP has extended its ability to be at the center of activities connected with the aeronautics world.

The Challenge

UMBRAGROUP’s Director of Information Technology, Joe Sheridan, came to the company in 2018 to help it refine and execute its US technology strategy at its two US locations. One of Joe’s first strategic technology projects was to migrate Linear Motion from its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to a new ERP, which required dedicated IT support.

Simultaneously, Joe found that the company’s use of Veritas Backup Exec and a manual backup process, which was backing up 40-60 virtual machines (VM) and physical servers to both tape and disk, put it at risk of data loss and a challenged it to meet critical US Department of Defense (DoD) security regulations.

“Working with customers and government contractors like The Boeing Company, we have to retain a lot of large computer-aided design (CAD) files that, due to aerospace industry regulations, need to be stored for 10+ years.”

“The process with Veritas Backup Exec was manual and subject to human error, and we had issues with jammed tapes and failed backups to handle,” said Joe. The team needed to have visibility into the backup status to validate backup success and free up IT resources to work on the other projects, like the ERP migration.

The Solution

Joe had used Druva at his previous company and decided to show his team how its cloud-native data protection solution, Druva Phoenix, would help Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion modernize its data protection infrastructure. One of the main reasons Joe went straight to Druva is his experience quickly recovering from two ransomware attacks with Druva while working for his previous company. With Druva, the company was able to recover from both attacks in just a few hours.

Druva Phoenix enables Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion to protect, recover 40-60 VMs and physical servers at multiple locations, archive backups for long-term data retention, and manage all operations from a central control plane. And, Joe’s team can restore VMs at multiple levels: full, file-level, and individual virtual disk.

“Druva delivers a unified approach to backing up our data, allowing us to use the same standards at each location, which is imperative to our IT efficiency and business model,” said Joe.

The Results

With Druva, Umbra Cuscientti and Linear Motion have achieved efficiencies and savings with global deduplication as compared to its legacy solution. “Leveraging Druva’s built-in global deduplication, we’re only using 5.33 terabytes (TB) of storage to manage 16 TB of data, which is a 3X deduplication storage savings,” said Joe. As many of Umbra Cuscinetti’s and Linear Motion’s large files are CAD drawings that need to be stored for 10+ years, the deduplication and long-term retention features are a significant benefit to the business. And, all the data stored in the Druva cloud is protected from ransomware which helps to ensure business resilience.

Druva sends regular alerts on backup status reports for VMs and physical servers and allows Joe and the team to manage all backups through a single pane of glass. In contrast to Veritas Backup Exec and the manual backup process, Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion have 100% visibility into backup status 24×7 from anywhere in the world and the reliability of the Druva Cloud platform on AWS.

With Druva in place, Joe’s team probably spends about 15 minutes per week managing backups, which is down from about two hours per week. This is more than an 85% reduction in the time spent managing backups.

The time savings achieved helped Joe focus on the high priority ERP migration project. “Thanks to Druva, I was able to dedicate a couple of my team members to manage the ERP migration at both locations, which helped us accomplish that strategic cloud milestone,” said Joe.


  • A single pane of glass through which IT can manage backups and restores of 40-60 VMs and physical servers
  • Ability to do multiple restore options for VMs: full, file-level, and individual virtual disk
  • Protection of client’s sensitive government information, enabling compliance with DoD regulations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)