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The Instillery improves backup and recovery efficiency with Druva CloudRanger

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Hours saved annually on management of backup policies


Cost reduction for clients’ non-operating servers with server scheduling

About The Instillery

The Instillery is an award-winning, New Zealand based company born in the cloud and automation era, servicing clients across the globe. Its cloud solution set includes multi-cloud and digital transformation consulting, managed services, and smart data for big and small businesses.

The Challenge

Core to The Instillery’s philosophy is data portability combined with a truly productized approach, tailored to solve clients’ most complex business and IT challenges. It aims to deliver this at a lower cost with higher quality at a velocity its clients have never experienced before.

As a result of continued public cloud growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, The Instillery was looking for a best in class backup and recovery partner to add to its existing portfolio of big business partners which includes Cloudability, Datadog, and Dome9.

The challenge was to find a solution that would offer enhanced backup and disaster recovery (DR) policy automation with an easy-to-use platform to enable its team to more efficiently serve a wide range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients, ultimately helping them deliver a superior service.

The Solution

The Instillery decided to implement Druva CloudRanger, the easy-to-use backup, recovery, archival, and DR solution built for AWS workloads. With Druva CloudRanger, organizations can manage all aspects of their AWS workload lifecycle through a single control plane — even across multiple regions and AWS accounts.

All administrative activities like policy management, replication, and reporting are managed through a central dashboard, saving administrative resources. This helps control costs and compliance requirements such as legal hold and eDiscovery enablement.

For The Instillery’s clients, Druva CloudRanger provides centralized snapshot policy orchestration and DR across an organization’s accounts and regions for AWS infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) — Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) workloads — and AWS databases — Relational Database Services (RDS), Redshift, Aurora, DynamoDB, Neptune, and DocumentDB. This addresses data protection and instant granular recovery needs of the enterprise clients The Instillery serves.

Druva CloudRanger enables organizations to easily tag workloads to be auto-discovered for DR. Replication and DR testing are straightforward for organizations, overcoming challenges typically faced on-premises with scheduling and potential network and systems interruption. The Instillery can easily clone virtual private clouds (VPCs) and their dependents, such as subnets, security groups, and route tables when creating DR plans from a source region to a target region.

The Results

The Instillery is now able to scale its services while providing peace of mind to customers by adopting Druva CloudRanger’s intuitive user experience for managing backup policies. Druva CloudRanger enables The Instillery to centralize DR requirements with multi-region backup and file-level recovery to deliver enhanced DR plans and business continuity to its customers.

“We strategically select partners based on their ability to exceed market expectations, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Druva CloudRanger. The team’s openness to feedback has consistently led to new, innovative offerings,” said Mike Jenkins, Founder and CEO of The Instillery.

“As a result, our customers benefit from automated backups and cloud resource scheduling, which enables them to focus on the things they do best and get back to business, while we take care of the rest,” added Mike.


  • Druva CloudRanger provides native AWS cloud server backups along with DR capabilities, customized retention, and cost optimization features — all as-a-service
  • Management of all aspects of AWS IaaS and database workload life cycles through a single control plane across multiple regions, AWS accounts
  • Easily clone VPCs and their dependents (subnets, security groups, route tables) when creating DR plans from a source region to a target region