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Stretto Secures Data Through Growth and Celebrates Their 10+ Year Partnership With Druva

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Year relationship with Druva, allowing them to scale as their company has grown


Company growth over 10+ year relationship with Druva

About Stretto

Stretto is the premier SaaS platform management solution for the U.S. federal bankruptcy court system. They offer a comprehensive suite of corporate restructuring, consumer-bankruptcy, and debt resolution capabilities, along with multi-faceted deposit and disbursement services. Their software platform covers a wide range of services, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings for debtor attorneys, as well as providing a platform for court-appointed trustees. Furthermore, they specialize in handling Chapter 11 corporate restructuring filings.

The Challenge

Stretto offers comprehensive solutions to bankruptcy professionals and fiduciaries. In addition to delivering top-notch technology services, the IT team must ensure stringent security protocols to keep the data compliant with regulatory requirements.

A few years ago, Eric Burnett joined Stretto as the Director, IT Service Operations. In this position, he is responsible for overseeing the service and operational management of the IT organization.

As a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions, Stretto has embraced Microsoft 365 to seamlessly support its expanding portfolio. This union has led to redundant storage for backups in AWS S3 buckets deployed by Burnett’s team, as well as the need to securely store sensitive data in the cloud. Unfortunately, these acquisitions have also resulted in a significant drain on IT resources, with numerous manual activities consuming a substantial number of payroll hours.

According to Burnett, Stretto was formed from two entities with traditional on-premises solutions, spacious offices, and a brick-and-mortar mindset. However, the landscape changed with the onset of COVID. While approximately one-third of the associates returned to the office, remote work has become the new normal. This added another twist for Burnett’s team to support.

The Solution

Stretto has entrusted Druva with the paramount responsibility of securing its end-user devices for more than a decade, and under Burnett’s leadership, the team expanded its use of Druva to include protection for critical Microsoft 365 data — making it an integral component of Stretto's data management strategy. The transition to Druva was not only seamless but also definitive, leaving no room for consideration of alternative providers. As Burnett emphatically stated, “Druva owns our backup business, and they will continue to do so. We've been very pleased with the reliability and efficiency they bring to the table.”

In leveraging this suite of Druva features, Stretto's IT team has found particular value during laptop refreshes. This process allows them to initiate a fresh backup seamlessly, ensuring that data is consistently protected and available on new devices. Moreover, the ability to access previous backups has proven invaluable in recovering important documents that might have otherwise been irretrievable. This flexibility not only streamlines device transitions but also enhances overall data resilience and accessibility for the team.

Beyond end user protection, Druva played a pivotal role in fortifying Stretto's Microsoft 365 environment. The comprehensive backup and recovery solution provided by Druva addresses critical gaps in native M365 backup, offering unlimited data retention and restore capabilities. Features that are particularly crucial in safeguarding against data loss and accidental deletion and provide an added layer of security and peace of mind for Stretto's IT team. Additionally, Druva's enhanced compliance monitoring ensures that Stretto remains in alignment with regulatory requirements, further solidifying the platform as a reliable partner in comprehensive data protection and governance.

Druva owns our backup business, and they will continue to do so. We've been very pleased with the reliability and efficiency they bring to the table.

The Results

After fully embracing Druva, Burnett observed a decrease in the cost of ownership. Manual processes have been eliminated, thereby reducing the team's payroll and more importantly making his team more available to end users. According to Burnett, they now access the Druva platform only when necessary, such as retrieving data files or performing backups on workstations before re-imaging.

The team saw added cost savings once they were able to eliminate redundant storage on AWS. As Burnett put it, “When you talk about cloud residency, anywhere that you can trim off data storage is going to hit your finances favorably."

Even the team’s eDiscovery process has been built around the Druva portal. Although it’s seldom used, it is readily available. 

Burnett acknowledges the rapid growth of Stretto and appreciates the seamless scalability offered by partnering with Druva. What he finds particularly valuable is the personalized connection with a dedicated Druva customer service manager who is fully committed to ensuring the success of his company.

As Burnett put it, “I love the versatility Druva provides by enabling backup efficiencies."


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