Druva Customer Referral Program

Do you currently use Druva’s SaaS-based data protection solution and know others in the industry who might find it valuable? Sign up below to join our referral program and become a Druva Referral champion. Once you’ve entered your contact information, you’ll be able to refer your peers. For each person you refer to Druva that completes an initial meeting, you will receive a $150 gift card, and so will they!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Druva Customer Referral Program

Q: How do I submit a referral?

A: At the top of this page, please enter your email in the form fill to get started. After that, enter the company of the contact you’re referring. That’s all we need on your end! Our expert sales team will contact you directly to gain the contact’s name and email.

Q: Who can I refer?

A: Your industry peers who work in IT, security, infrastructure, application/system administration roles and are fully or partially responsible for data protection, disaster recovery, compliance, ransomware protection or recovery/incident response, data governance, sandbox seeding, etc.

Q: How many referrals can I submit and how many rewards can I receive?

A: The limit of high quality referrals does not exist! We will do some due diligence on our end to ensure the referrals are legitimate.

Q: When will I receive my $150 gift card?

A: You will receive it via email within approximately 7 days of the initial meeting completion with Druva and your referral. There is no obligation to proceed/purchase after the initial meeting.

Q: When will the person who I referred get their $150 gift card?

A: They will receive their gift card once they complete the initial meeting with the Druva sales team member.

Q: Can my referral bring additional people to the initial call?

A: Yes they can, however only the person you referred will get the $150 gift card.

Q: What are the referral qualifications?

A: There are a few qualifications for your referral to be accepted: 

  • Referred person should not be an existing customer of Druva
  • Referred person does need to work in an IT, security, or infrastructure related role
  • Must be a valid email address
  • A complete list of qualifications can be found here

Q: Who can I contact with questions?

A: For any questions, please feel free to contact referralprogram@druva.com. You can also access the complete terms & conditions here.