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Security Company OneSpan Saves 50% on Data Protection Costs After Switching to Druva

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Of data protected with Druva


Tool to backup and protect data center workloads and Microsoft 365 accounts


Reduction in costs to manage data protection with Druva compared to legacy vendors

About OneSpan

OneSpan is a global security leader that specializes in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions. They provide high-assurance identity verification, transaction signing, authentication, mobile security, simplified e-signature workflows, and secure video collaboration for virtual transactions. 

Their team of 850 employees supports operations in 100 countries, including 60% of the world’s largest banks. They enable the authentication of four billion users per year.

The Challenge

The OneSpan IT team, including Gertjan Matton, Sr. IT Systems Engineer, runs operations using VMware, SQL Server, and various other file servers. They also support employees' use of Microsoft 365. They were unhappy with their previous solutions because they were sprawling, expensive, and time intensive. 

Because OneSpan had tape backups and multiple tape drives, juggling these solutions was complicated and not secure. According to Matton, “With Veeam, we used to run around like disk jockeys with the tapes, inserting them, moving them from one place to another." On top of the time required by the IT team to manage the tapes, they were incurring extra expenses. They needed extra licenses, hardware, and storage — not to mention paying for offsite storage. They wanted to simplify that solution.

With their previous solutions, the team had to restore individual files that were deleted, even restoring servers to improve performance. Matton said, "The time needed to find the correct backup/snapshot would be tremendous if we could find them at all. With Druva, the search goes a lot faster."

Because of the nature of their business, any product or service the IT team uses must be verified by OneSpan’s internal security team. Some of the basic requirements are compliance with ISO standards, security standards, and certifications.

We’re secure knowing that we can recover at a moment’s notice with Druva. Data is always 100% available which makes us feel good.

The Solution

When Matton began the process of searching for a new backup and protection solution for VMware workloads, he went to Google researching cloud-native vendors. He came across Druva and began to dive in further.

After evaluating Druva and a few other vendors, OneSpan chose the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud to protect their VMware, SQL Server, and other file servers. After quickly implementing the product, they were incredibly happy with their painless deployment experience. 

Their positive implementation led them to expand their use of Druva to protect Microsoft 365 data including Exchange, OneDrive, and Outlook for 1,000 accounts. Relying on Microsoft’s native capabilities would no longer be required, and the worry of being unable to restore data with Microsoft’s limited retention policy was no longer a concern.

The Results

Since moving to Druva, OneSpan has drastically simplified their on-premises data protection. Matton reports that “no longer juggling with the tapes has been a big improvement." He estimates staff time dedicated to backups to have been reduced to about one hour per week, versus the previous 10+ hours. 

Because the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is 100% SaaS, they no longer need the tapes, tape drives, or extra licenses. They also no longer need to maintain an old backup server, which had a good amount of storage. They also don’t worry about repairing or replacing hardware, as Druva removes the on-premises equipment requirement. 

Matton and his leadership team appreciate the security they now feel, saying “We’re secure knowing that we can recover at a moment’s notice with Druva. Data is always 100% available which makes us feel good." And the OneSpan security team was happy with the security standards that Druva follows. Matton explained: “Bringing in a new vendor was a big sell. But after evaluating Druva, everyone was on board seeing the standards were complied with beyond our expectations." 

Matton also likes the partnership his company has with Druva. “Our team usually takes care of the problems ourselves. But in the cases that we did need Druva’s support, they were easy to work with and the solution followed quickly."


  • Druva offers a single solution to consolidate and protect all data, eliminating the need for tape and simplifying the data management process — giving time back to IT
  • Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is 100% SaaS, eliminating the need to maintain backup infrastructure on premises
  • Elimination of tape-based processes, along with savings in team hours and offsite storage reduces costs