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Why Druva is Like A Newborn Calf

We recently had the chance to present to a group of bloggers and writers at Tech Field Day, an industry event organized by the fine folks over at Gestalt IT (big shout out to Stephen Foskett & crew). It was a great event, and by all accounts everyone seemed receptive to our story, despite the fact that we were last up on a day of presentations. One writer, Tom Hollingsworth, was first to write about what he learned from Tech Field Day, and also wrote a nice article on Druva, comparing us to a calf.

Yes, I said calf, or rather, Tom did.

But this is the great thing about bloggers and writers, and presenting to your peers. They look at things differently, offer different opinions and insights. And to Tom, the rise that Druva has had, amassing over 600 customers globally in 3 short years, was nothing short of miraculous, reminding him of how a calf can stand on it’s own a few short hours after being born. I’d never really thought of it that way, but after reading it, felt it was a fitting comparison. It means we must be addressing an important problem, and the way we’re addressing it, is in the right way.

Of course, to piggy back off of this, the question now is, can Druva grow from a calf to a bull. We’d like to think so, – the recent press coverage we’ve received on our launch was pretty compelling, picked up by InfoStor, and NetworkWorld among others. In an article on Network Computing Howard Marks said:

“I am constantly amazed at how frequently organizations leave the data on those laptops essentially unprotected. By taking a unique application aware approach to data deduplication, Druva’s Insync may be the best solution to date to this seemingly intractable problem”

Bullish words indeed…