What is “Enterprise-Class” Data Protection?

W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technology Evangelist

This episode of Druva’s No Hardware Required explores the idea of an enterprise-class data resilience product, starting with how data protection is a little different than other parts of IT.

To be enterprise-class in data protection, you really need a system that incorporates the entire environment. Stephen and Curtis discuss how some see SaaS products as unready for the enterprise, and they explain why this simply isn’t the case. In fact, they make the claim that Druva is more ready for the typical enterprise client than many of our competitors. They talk about Druva’s infinitely scalable dedupe engine, and how restores get the unlimited power of the cloud. (Druva competitors’ products have limits on the size of their dedupe catalog, and can only restore as fast as the server they’re running on – typically not a very powerful one.)

The way Druva is designed gives you the infinite power of the cloud, with a bill smaller than you would pay for a much less powerful system on-premises.