Keep Salesforce Protected, Compliant, and Agile: Webinar Q&A with Donaldson Capital Management

Kashyap Patel, Sr. Director of Product Management

If you’re a CRM Administrator, you know that you’re responsible for your Salesforce data and need to take full control of it, eliminate risks, and accelerate digital transformation with confidence. Even so, data loss and downtime happen — from ransomware, disasters, human error, or bad actors. Whether you're a Salesforce architect, business leader, or admin — protecting Salesforce data is always a top priority. 

On March 22, 2023, Druva hosted a solution showcase webinar with Salesforce experts and Donaldson Capital Management, a Druva customer that utilized the in-depth backup and recovery capabilities in a real-world use case. Webinar attendees got best practices and insider tips for how to:

  • Keep data secure, intact, and available with backup, restore, and archiving 

  • Move data between production and non-production environments, sandboxes, and outside Salesforce

  • Take full control over the data lifecycle to solve privacy and compliance issues

Watch the webinar on-demand now, and catch up with Jenna Wasson, Donaldson Capital Management’s CRM System Admin, as she answers your burning questions from the webinar below.

Q&A — Jenna Wasson, CRM System Admin, Donaldson Capital Management

Can you tell us a bit about the company and how it uses Salesforce?

I am the Salesforce Administrator for Donaldson Capital Management; we’re a registered investment advisor located in Southern Indiana. I work directly in Salesforce and am responsible for ensuring that our data is protected against loss. We’ve been working with Salesforce and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud since 2017, and it’s critical to the success of the business as we store nearly every bit of information on each of our clients in the system. In addition, we’ve built out close to 90% of our processes in Salesforce. 

What was the driving force behind your decision to acquire a Salesforce backup solution?

Were any of the client data held in Salesforce to be lost or compromised, we’d be at risk for compliance violations as well as lose access to automations and critical processes. We were notified in 2021 that Salesforce would no longer provide an out-of-the-box backup solution. We considered three potential third-party backup and recovery solutions including Druva. Druva was already included in our Microsoft package and checked our boxes. We wanted to run frequent backups, compare backups for losses, receive notifications when records were deleted, and restore lost records when applicable. 

How has Druva’s Salesforce backup worked for the organization?

Druva is working well for the firm. Implementing Druva within Salesforce and scheduling high-frequency backups is very easy to do and you never have to worry about whether they’re getting done as you receive an email notification when they’ve been completed. We feel we’re protected against data loss in a way that we weren’t before, even with the out-of-the-box solution that Salesforce provided. I love that we can compare backups at an object level in Salesforce and pick and choose what we want to restore. As an example, I have used this restore functionality when another user inadvertently deleted client records — this functionality was extremely easy to use.

Learn More About Druva for Salesforce

Druva is among the industry’s most mature, 100% SaaS-based data protection solutions, delivering complete protection for Salesforce, including automated sandbox seeding and low-cost archiving. Customers automate test data, achieve cost savings up to 20X compared to full sandboxes, and reduce costs further by archiving records to low-cost storage.

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